louder, please

last weekend i bought a new pair of home stereo speakers. i’m not audiophiling it by any stretch of the imagination, but i finally have a decent amp/receiver, and a couple of good front speakers.
i got the jbl l890 studio l speakers in cherry. they’re four-way floorstanding speakers with a crisp upper range, okay mid-range, and adequate lower end (provided by two 8 inch speakers). i also bought some nice speaker cables — audioquest type 4. the amp, which i’ve had for awhile, is a sony str-da2000es.
all told, nothing too impressive — but it’s a far stretch better than what i’d had before. the cd player i own is a mid-90’s onkyo 6-disc changer i’ve had for a long time (since the mid-90’s). it’s standard analog rca out only.
a number of months back i bought a sony dvp-ns575p dvd/cd player. being newer, it’s got a few bells and whistles, like digital audio out, s-video and composite video out, dolby digital, dts, etc. but i’ve got it hooked up with the standard analog audio and video rca jacks. seeing as my tv is an old late 90’s rca 36 inch tube tv, a nicer video feed really isn’t going to do me much good. now that i’ve got better audio equipment though…

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