something lighthearted? on this blog?

as enjoyable as it is to always put sad, negative, and/or depressing things on here that prove to friends, family, and potential future dates that i’m not nearly mentally stable enough, i’ve decided to buck the trend and post something that i think is really nifty.
it’s the retro phone handset courtesy of thinkgeek.
i really like old phones, and i think it’d be hilarious to walk around using one of these. especially with hands free so the cord is just dangling loose. and you thought the people with the wireless earpieces got looks like they were crazy? of course, back in the day i actually took an old handset and walked around on campus at a&m like i was talking to someone on it… okay, i’m not sure this is helping prove my mental stability. i guess maybe i’ll just go back to the standard material…

2 comments on “something lighthearted? on this blog?”

  1. I love this!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet!!
    I SERIOUSLY love this.
    …and now I want one. I absolutely loathe my cell phone. It is way too small. I wonder how much the human genome has already been altered due to all of the scrunching and contorting of our necks and shoulders that we cell phone toting humans have have been forced to do over the past few years. I mean, I’m sure it isn’t much, but it’d be interesting to know.
    …or maybe *I* am the only dork that attempts to use my hands while talking on one of these tiny cell phones without an earbud or headset?
    Yeah, probably that. Oh well.
    Nice blog entry. Fwiw, I am very PRO this sort of thing. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. It would be even better if you could locate one of those triangular add-ons that allows you to hold the phone between your shoulder and your head so your neck doesn’t start hurting. They were the height of technology in the early 80’s as I recall.
    The picture of the guy holding the phone is priceless.

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