it’s almost all over…

i got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep, then got up to eat supper in the hotel. it was nice to have a warm meal that didn’t consist of junk food. not that the food was that good. dave appeared to have not died in the hurricane, and in fact seemed nominal. i guess getting to hunker down in a $400/night room for free on some other company’s bill agreed with him. i decided to spend my own time in the crowne plaza tonight since it was already paid for. i did have to pony up $10 for 24 hours of wireless access. you have to pay for wireless in a $400/night hotel! so i’m sitting here watching cable tv, drinking some coffee, and getting online. boy, this is exciting. i’ll be going back to my house tomorrow after i check out of the hotel. hopefully no trees fell over and no idiots broke into my house. i’m not too worried, but you never know. in dumb news, i actually forgot my cell charger at my house, so even once i got back to the hotel i couldn’t use my cell phone. oh well.

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  1. just for the record, the hotel didn’t cost $400/night. that’s what was on the paper on the back of the door where they list rates, check-out times, etc. but on the bill itself the rate was much more reasonable.

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