eye of the storm

so does anyone else want to go down to the coast with me to properly welcome hurricane rita to Texas? the projected path right now has its eye hitting matagorda bay…pretty much right where indianola used to be. (look up the history of indianola.) c’mon, you know you want to go with me!

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  1. now terry…
    you are supposed to go only if you have a camera man with you so you can do reports during the storm.
    i was checking out my neighbors stuff…maybe if looting occurs…haha
    hadn’t heard of indianola before…i had to look it up…only about 300 people died…destroyed the city. 2x!

  2. i’m actually considering trying to get a press pass/badge for kpft so i can get through roadblocks and such. i’ve been helping do the show on kpft for around 3 years and i know some of the news folk, so it seems like a possibility. i would of course take my camera, and possibly my video camera too.
    i read a book on indianola about 6 months ago. my ancestors came from germany into Texas through indianola. it was in competition with galveston as the major port of entry to Texas until the two hurricanes hit it. galveston won by default, and the people in galveston thought they couldn’t be hit like that (using whatever theories passed for science back then). then 1900 rolled around, and galveston learned otherwise.

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