st00pid companies and the lawyers who work for them

so…this guy is low on funds, so he uses some fedex boxes to make some furniture. some friends think it’s cool, so he puts up a website with some pictures (
what happens next? the fedex lawyers send a bully letter telling him he’d better stop doing his nastiness to their beautiful logo and reputation, because the idiot public (i.e., their customers) might get confused and he’s going to hurt poor little fedex by this heinous act. they even invoke the legal swiss army knife of fuzzy reason, the dmca. it catches the attention of a stanford attorney (one of the few who appear to have a heart or soul) who decides to stand up to them for him.
how is it in these days and times that some corporate entities have their heads stuck so far up their…anyway…that they don’t understand the value of this kind of marketing? i mean, seriously, ad companies would probably pitch this as a hip new ad series and charge them a lot to make commericals, but some guy does it for free and they bully him. maybe the fedex lawyers were bored and needed something to entertain themselves.
on the guy’s blog he mentioned he got an email from a address suggesting their materials would add a modern flair to his apartment. personally, i think it’d be nice if dhl jumped in and realized what kind of marketing opportunity they have, gave him free packaging materials, played it up, and turned into a black eye for fedex. not that i’m a fan of any large corporate entities really, but marketing and large corporations are a fact of american life and it’s nice to see them fight each other and have one use the social stupidity of another against them. plus maybe it’d pit fedex and dhl lawyers against each other. (i’m going to stop now instead of going on and on about the concepts of marketing and public relations and so on and so forth. maybe some other time.)

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  1. this was one of my favorites…
    star bock beer ( starbucks. we had met the guy in galveston a couple of years ago. he had just been served.
    justice for the rich…i just love how it is the lawsuit that even gives these people a microphone!

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