wedding weekend 1 (of 2)

i went to a co-worker’s wedding in dallas this weekend. i ended up going by myself. which would have been more depressing if it hadn’t been on my motorcycle. (a motorcycle makes everything better.) i decided to not cheap out so i stayed at the wyndham. it wasn’t that great. nicer towels, bedding, pillows, and soaps are good. most of the rest of it…whatever. it was nice sitting with my feet up on the 10th floor window, looking out at the sky while drinking some coffee. i don’t know that it’s $50 more good though. plus much of the time i was wishing i had someone to share the experience with. i actually didn’t go to the wedding, just the reception. just as well, i suppose. i’ll be heading back up to dallas the weekend after next for another wedding.
i decided to drive to brady to see the familia instead of heading straight back to houston. spent sunday with the parents. we watched the fireworks in brady that night, which was nice. plus the sky there after dark is so incredible…so many stars. which is another nice thing to share with someone else. monday i spent with the parents and my grandmother, then i headed back to houston. i also picked up a kel-tec .380 from my dad’s store. and i discussed a walther ppk/s, and perhaps a bushmaster. my brother was occupied in austin, so i didn’t stop to see him. i did stop by my grandparents’ graves and the house at art. hopefully my parents will start things rolling with getting the house fixed up soon. it really needs some serious attention, but it could be such a great house.
riding back into houston monday night around 10:30pm, there were fireworks going off everywhere. it was pretty crazy. in addition to the random citizens illegally shooting off stuff, you could see a fair number of big displays put on by businesses or subdivisions or towns or whatever. which also explains the cops and fire engines flying around everywhere.
i put almost 1000 miles on my bike over the weekend. and man was it hot. i had to stop fairly often to drink water because i was sweating away everything. but i made it in one piece. not much longer and the divorce will be final and then it won’t matter if i stay in one piece or not.

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