birthday surprise

in a freak incident, i was looking at an email from last night (i get lists from a few places now and then…mostly it just makes me realize how few women i think i’d be both compatible with and interested in) and one of the women (who wasn’t even in the “close match” section but in the “random women who live in houston” section) who i decided wasn’t really my type had some pics, and in one thumbnail i thought “wait…that girl with her looks pretty good”… so i clicked on it just to see her better and the bigger pic came up and i’m almost positive the other girl is tamara. jeebus! wtf?! on my birthday, of all days. i’m telling you, G-d has got a wicked sense of humour/timing.
i much preferred the presents from my parents, and jamie’s valiant efforts to bring some humor and cheer into my day.

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