day4 — slow ride, take it easy

note: this is one of a number of entries that were lost in a server crash, followed by a desktop crash, back in late 2004. on march 1, 2009, i happened on a cache file on the crashed desktop hard drive, so i am reloading all of the entries with their original date and time values intact for posterity.

all things considered, nothing too exciting today. the hotel we stayed in last night wasn’t too great…the ceiling in the bathroom had obviously leaked in the past, 3/4 of the channels on the tv were in black and white, and the tub didn’t drain very well. when we got in we were planning to go eat or something, but we ended up just watching tv and then going to bed. we got up and left around 10:00am and went to a local place called ziggie’s. they had free wireless access, so i was able to upload the entries from previous days. we hit the road a little after noon. we got to jefferson city and decided to head for columbia and then stop. it was a pretty early stop (around 5:30pm), but we only have about 200 miles to go. with the free time we relaxed some in the hotel room, then headed to a pizza shop near the university of missouri. after eating, we went to a pool hall and played pool for an hour or two. i bought a pair of headphones, but i was trying to cut them up so they’d fit under my helmet and i cut one of the wires. i also cut myself twice. yea. the hotel is supposed to have free internet (wired), but i can’t get a connection. i even bought a new ethernet cable when i bought the headphones. no luck. i’m not sure if it’s my computer’s ethernet connection or what. oh well.

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