goo is go


last night jamie came by the radio show, then afterward we went to eat at the house of pies. turns out she had called there earlier in the day and had them set aside my xmas present: a whole pie of bayou goo. after a couple of months of playing dessert tag, it was good to finally catch up with my old friend. and eat a slice of him.


Is the goo conspiracy finally over? I doubt it, but I'm sure you'll keep us posted.

with a whole pie of it, it'll be awhile before i need to test the theory. getting a whole pie as a gift doesn't really shed any light (positive or negative) on the conspiracy though.

Oh . . . right, the conspiracy. Did I forget to mention how odd it seemed to me when I called and asked if they had any available, the first thing they said was, "Please list all of the people you intend to share this pie with."
This struck me as odd, so I lied and said it was just for me. And then, just to see what would happen, I threw in, "I am definitely not sharing it with anyone named Terry".
They said, "Thank you, that is all we need to know . . . yes, we have many Bayou Goo pies available!"

Hmmm. . .
I can't believe I forgot to mention that.

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