spending money helps the economy, right?

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okay, so i caved really fast. one week. i'm weak. sigh.

the new jbl speakers sound really nice, but they just don't have enough low end. so saturday afternoon i went back and bought the jbl l8400p subwoofer (one 12 inch speaker in a sealed enclosure). ...and an lc1 center channel speaker. yeah, that doesn't provide low end...so? the lc2 is a four-way while the lc1 is three-way, but the lc2 is designed for wall mounting. i didn't feel like messing with some kind of mount or stand, so the lc1 it was. they didn't have either speaker in stock in cherry, so i had to wait and pick them up this evening. i must say, they all look very nice.

here's a link to the entire studio-l series: jbl studio l

of course i also purchased an audioquest type 4 cable for the center channel, and a sub-1 cable for the subwoofer.

here's a link to the entire audioquest site: audioquest

while i was there i went ahead and also picked up an audioquest vdm-xr cable so i can do digital audio (rca coax, not optical) from my dvd player to my receiver. i watched some of stanley kubrick's clockwork orange sunday night after changing out my audio feed and i can already tell it's going to be a nice upgrade.

my receiver can do 6+1, but i'm waiting on purchasing surround speakers. then of course one of these days i'll have to replace the tv and move to composite video and such, but that's not a priority for me at this point at all.

i'll learn more about the capabilities of my new equipment over the next few days hopefully...

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There are not too many things better than watching A Clockwork Orange with a loud, good quality system. It makes me wish I had it on DVD.

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