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last week i netflix streamed the roast of bob saget. it was okay.
monday i had my first fry/chip in over two months. it’s not a conviction or anything for me, but it was still difficult since i’d gone so long without any. i decided it was kind of silly not to have one though, as it was a special circumstance. a coworker had another coworker bring them back some interesting chips from india. these were lay’s potato chips, but the flavor was chicken and thyme. so i had one. it tasted sorta like chicken noodle soup, or rotisserie chicken. kind of weird to have that taste sensation as a potato chip, but it wasn’t bad. still no coffee or sodas for over two months.
monday after work i went over to the potts’. we went by and picked up all of the t-shirts we’re going to be using for the techbytes party. jack and i spent the rest of the evening screening the front of all of the techbytes 15th anniversary party t-shirts. considering that neither of us really had any experience with silk screening, and printing white is supposed to be more difficult to get right (the ink is thicker, etc), i think they came out pretty good. i think my technique was a bit off, and i’m not sure the screen distance from the shirts was just right, but i’m still pretty happy with them. hopefully we cured them long enough and the ink will stick to the shirts and not crack or peel off or anything.
tuesday after work i went back over, but we ended up not getting too much accomplished. we needed to make one more screen and the first attempt didn’t go quite right, so we had to do another one. by the time we got another one done, which was good, it was already late and i didn’t want to start then since we probably wouldn’t have been done for at least two or three hours. i was already tired from staying up late the previous night. we should be working on getting them finished tomorrow night.
after driving my car to the potts’ and back on sunday i noticed the engine was running hot and getting hot really fast. when i checked the radiator it didn’t have much fluid in it. monday i was able to pour in a full one gallon jug of radiator fluid, so i’d have to say it was pretty low. it still seems like it’s running hotter than i think it should. but i didn’t see any radiator fluid leaking. so i’m not sure if i’ve got a leak or what’s going on at this point. also over the last couple of days the car has started making an odd sound. it appears to be related to the flywheel or clutch or transmission, as it definitely relates to the speed of the engine but goes away if i push in the clutch. so, yet more things to deal with on the car. that vehicle just does not want to play nice.
i don’t think i mentioned it, but after driving to brady and back again, i’m definitely leaning towards giving up on the 3-on-the-tree. as much as i love the uniqueness these days of having one, i just can not enjoy higher speeds with the 3 gears i currently have. one option is overdrive, but if my current transmission doesn’t have overdrive then i’m not sure it’s worth replacing it with another 3 that has overdrive. a guy from work has talked about some rear axles that have an overdrive built into them, so that’s an option (although i don’t know how common those are or anything about them). or i could change the gearing on my current transmission. but again, if i’m doing junk like that, it’d probably cost enough that just putting in a new 5-speed transmission with a floor straight shifter would be worth it. it just makes me a little sad to think about cutting a hole in that virgin floor. of course, not having that column shifter would also free up engine bay space on the driver’s side for more exhaust header choices. *sigh*
last night i upgraded my iphone (3g) to ios 4. because it’s a 3g, i’m not going to see most of the benefits of the new os (such as multitasking), but i do get the unified inbox and some other stuff i think will be worth the update. i’m probably going to be getting the new iphone here at some point though.
after freaking out for a bit after i got back from my trip last weekend, my desktop has seemed to run without problem. it’s still a 6+ year old machine, so i keep thinking about replacing it. i originally was waiting for a mac mini refresh. that happened, but now i’m not as excited because they bumped the prices up on them. what to do. also, i realized tonight the battery on my macbook air is kind of sucking. it went from full charge to near dead in only about 2 hours.

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  1. Computers are a pain, always needing something done or upgraded! That my story and I’m sticking to it!!! 🙂
    Love you

  2. Correction, the rotisserie-chicken chips were from France. Sorry to hear the Chevy is being temperamental.

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