trash: taiwanese, culinary, and american

today we got up way late. (surprise, surprise.) i got up around 1:30pm. when i woke up i kept hearing something playing the same short song over and over. i thought maybe it was for new year or something. i asked ash about it and he said it was the garbage trucks here. they play that so people know it is coming so they can get their trash ready. ash and i talked for quite a bit. we finally left his place around 5pm. we walked around, but almost everything was closed for chinese new year.
we ended up eating at a place called roxy jr. which is related to the roxy. it’s a pretty western-style place, sort of like a tgifridays or chili’s or whatever. there were mostly whites eating there. i got some mozzarella sticks (which they served with salsa instead of tomato sauce), a “hawaii fabulous” pizza (which i thought would be ham and pineapple, but turned out to be ham, pineapple, onion, raisin, and shrimp…hrmh), and a tom collins.
while we were there, a group of three people who seemed to be german (2 girls, 1 guy) came in and sat down. plus a table of all-male loud americans came in. i hadn’t really thought through the international implications of wearing a jacket with an iron cross on it. when i got up and put on my jacket, the germans were immediately and noticeably fixated on my jacket. they kept looking at it the whole time we were standing and paying and such. they never did say anything directly to me though.
this was a pretty short day as far as activities go.

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  1. stopping by (which i tend to do far too infrequently, then some little person needs me so i never write), i see you’re in Taiwan! John (hubby) got to go there for work reluctantly (not taipei, can’t remember where). Hope you have a good time! Hi to Ash for me!
    There is a good asian population here and i LOVE going to the chinese new year celebrations here. I have a thing for the lion/dragon dance. 🙂

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