taiwanese national museum. and me.

today tim, ash, and i went back to the first place i ate at here: formosa chang. this time i got something i’m more familiar with: rice with shredded pork, and some corn soup. (despite ash not liking it, corn soup is good. it’s kind of like corn chowder.) we then got on the rail to head to the national museum. we could take the mrt (subway) part of the way, but we had to take a bus the last part. while we were waiting, i ended up talking to a guy and his wife or girlfriend who are korean and were headed to the museum also.
at the museum, we stopped at a small restaurant and i had a cappuccino and tiramisu. it wasn’t really exactly what i normally have as tiramisu, but it was okay. we went into the museum and ash went off on his own to see stuff about ancient chinese writing (that’s part of what he’s specializing in at school). tim and i walked around together and looked at three floors of stuff: neolithic era stuff, ceramics, bronze, furniture, more modern work, etc. about the only stuff we skipped was some of the writing/calligraphy and treaty maps and such. there is some pretty cool stuff in the museum. i guess it is supposed to be one of the most impressive collections in the world.
we left the museum and went back to the mrt line. we ate at a dumpling place, which was very good. while there, we started having a theology discussion. i don’t have those conversations much anymore it feels like. tim is a former hardline lutheran, who is contemplating orthodoxy. ash is a fairly entrenched modern non-denominational type. i’m somewhere in the middle…or maybe off to the left or right…or maybe i just bounce around everywhere. we got back to the apartment and tim finished packing and we saw him off to the bus line. (his flight was sunday morning, but he wanted to sleep in a hotel near the airport so it’d be easier for him to get there on time.)
when we left the bus line, we were walking down a street and suddenly someone say “heeeeeyyyy!” turns out it was the korean couple. how bizarre is it that we would randomly run into each other in a completely different part of the city a number of hours later? weird. we talked to them a bit, then headed off to 45’s.
it was at this point that i finally started to completely lose it. there have been a few times here that i’ve been somewhat depressed about things, but i finally started to hit a wall. ash and i started to talk about it some, but then candy showed up so i didn’t really want to be depressed for everyone. i drank enough white russians that i got fuzzy though. candy left before we did. i had been planning on buying her some chocolate and/or wine to thank her for cooking for me, so ash and i went by a 24 hour grocery store and i bought some taiwanese red wine and a bottle of yellowtail cabernet sauvignon and a small toblerone. we were going to take it by her place (since it’s on the way walking), but in my drunkish fuzziness i decided i didn’t want to see anyone or deal with anything, i just wanted to go home and use the bathroom and go to sleep. so i kept walking even though ash was saying my name as i was walking away, and i got to ash’s place and used the bathroom and went to bed.
when it feels like there is no point in living, it’s nice to go to sleep.

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  1. Terry!!!
    I can’t believe I found your blog. You probably don’t remember me. My name is Dee, and I lived in the house in Austin with Linc, Beverly, Jim, Tyra, etc. I was searching for Linc, and I stumbled across your blog. I live and work in Seoul, so I am enjoying your stories so far. Please tell me how Linc is doing, and tell him I say hello.
    All the best,

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