spur of the moment? perhaps.

i just bought a round-trip ticket. for taiwan. leaving in two weeks.
i hope when i tell work tomorrow that they’re cool with it.

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  1. I wasn’t sure that you’d ever do it! The Taipei airport is one of the better airports to wait on a plane — at least in the new terminals. And China Airlines is a decent way to go, if you are traveling on them.
    I hope you enjoy the trip!

  2. ack: i’m flying continental and jal. and flying through narita. i’ve only got ~3 hour layovers each way though. it’d be kind of nice to have a chance to see a bit of tokyo while i’m in the area. maybe i’ll see if i can delay my connecting flight by a day.
    ash: everything is okay at work. i’ve got someone to cover for me, and everyone seems to think it’s cool i’m going. so that worked out.

  3. Theoretically, we can look into going to Japan from here, but this is Chinese New Year season. Their equivalent of our Christmas season. So ticket prices are high and availability is low. I have a classmate in Tokyo right now. I’d love to check it out as well (I’ve only been in the airport there a few times — BTW the best soy latte I’ve ever had was in that airport!)

  4. Scary thought #1: We’ve known each other since fall 1992. That’s almost 18 years….
    Scary thought #2 (or scarier thought): We were both in college at the time…
    3 letter word, starts with ‘o’

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