my many internet identities…

here’s another oldie, typed up on the 26th of november 2005. i’m not really sure why i felt like laying out most of the various things someone could use to try and search for stuff about me, but i did. maybe at the time i was made aware that someone was trying to dig up dirt on me and i was trying to be helpful. i guess at the time i decided i wasn’t so sure i wanted to make it so easy, since i never actually posted it. but i will now.
———-< originally written 26-nov-2005 >———-
interested in digging up dirt on me via google or some other search engine? here’s a primer to get you started…
email addresses:
tll6551@{zeus|rigel|star|summa|sigma|magna} (college) (co-op at swri) (college)
fool@{genesis|exodus} (college/post-college) (shared personal) (variation on above) (work…l23kb was my cubicle) (personal) (hiding personal) (alternate identity) (personal) (hiding personal)
scholar and fool
reverend zechariah phool
note that there is another person with my same name out there, and he also lives in Texas.

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