i bombed my house

yesterday on the way home from work i hit 3k on the harley.
i think i forgot to mention that a few times i tried to watch the matrix blu-ray. every time it started, it had that bonus audio/video pop-up content going. i went through every option i could think of to turn it off, even though the menu system said it was off. i even upgraded the firmware on the blu-ray player. finally out of exasperation i googled it, and it turns out people have had the same problem with various disks on samsung blu-ray players. the “trick” is to go into the menu and turn it on (even though it is already on but listed as off) then go and turn it off. this will actually turn it off. once i got that annoying problem fixed, i watched the movie. it’s still really good.
a few days ago i was feeling rather crappy, because i sort of came to the realization that almost all of the few significant relationships in my life have been based on lies/falsehood. (where i was the oblivious one.) is this normal? it doesn’t seem like it should be, but maybe that’s just how things are. it’d be nice to have a relationship where the other person isn’t hiding secrets, telling you mis-truths, and/or misleading you. no wonder i was so happy believing i wasn’t going to have to deal with all of this dating crap again. i mean, i do understand that most relationships end, and endings usually aren’t happy…but, really?
today i took a half day from work and took lenin to the vet. she’d gotten fleas some months ago, and they’d been getting continually worse. i tried some over-the-counter topical stuff and i think it just made the fleas mad. and horny. so this morning i went by petsmart and picked up a 3-pack of bombs, then set them all off in the house and took lenin to the vet. they gave her a pill that will supposedly kill all the fleas on her or that bite her, plus i bought some topical from the vet. and they gave her the normal vaccinations, since she hadn’t been to a vet in a few years. i’m really hoping this will get rid of the fleas. they got bad at 9023 at one point, and doing this solved it then. but i’d been flea-free for probably at least 3 years.
since i was already taking time off of work, i also went and got a new inspection sticker for my pickup. so now all my vehicles are legit again.
i hadn’t heard anything from the mechanic about my car in over a week, so this afternoon i broke down and called him. he said he’d managed to get the radiator thing figured out, although it was still a very close fit. he also said he’d started the engine and it ran great. i think he’d gotten pretty much everything taken care of, except for two things. one was he had decided to put in a new wiring harness, because he said the wiring was random and all over the place, and if i was spending all this money to do all of these things, i should have everything wired through the fuse box and set up correctly instead of being a fire hazard. (i didn’t ask if that meant he was going to fix the wiring for the horn ring or not.) the other was when he was working on the heater system one of the control levers broke. he asked me to order a new set, which i did soon after talking to him. but the levers i ordered won’t get to him until monday or maybe tuesday, so now i’m not sure if i’ll get the car back before thanksgiving. i hope so.

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  1. You tell the guy fixing your ’55 he better get it ready for you to bring home Thanksgiving or your momma will be on his case. And he doesn’t want your momma on him! My poodle skirt is ready!!

  2. i talked to him again today to tell him i’d ordered the part and that the seller thought it would be arriving on monday. he said he was almost done with the re-wiring and i would be able to get my car next week! here’s hoping it’s earlier in the week rather than later. i’m pretty excited to get it back…

  3. Guess he got wind of your momma’s threat! I’m excited too. Brady is winning 48 to 19 in the 3rd quarter.

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