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i originally wrote the attached entry on october 12, 2006. i posted a different entry on that same day and mentioned the movie, but i never posted this. here’s the related bit from that posted entry:

monday i think about the only thing i did after work was watch my true stories dvd. it’s really a pretty cool movie, and considering it’s from david byrne and the talking heads and stars john goodman, it’s kind of surprising the only dvd version of the movie you can get is a fullscreen version with absolutely no extras at all. it was filmed in Texas and has a number of large outdoor shots (in areas up around where bottle rocket was filmed), so you know the widescreen version would have a different look and feel.

interestingly enough, three years later it’s just as apropos. (which sucks, btw.)
———-< original entry, written october 12 2006 >———-
(this is some stuff from the movie true stories)
louis fyne is looking for a wife. he even took out an ad on tv. and he’s got a portable arrow sign in his front yard with “WIFE WANTED” and his phone number.
in this scene, he’s got his green amc pacer parked in front of a grey house with pink trim and lots of flowers and landscaping and frill. inside, louis and the lady who is only referred to as “the cute woman” sit on flowery furniture in a room with grey walls with pink accents, lots of frill everywhere, pink butterflies and “smile!” accents on the wall, a white wicker coffee table between them and some old fabric throw rugs on the floor. she is in a dress made of the same fabric as the couch and chair, with lots of makeup and curly hair with a hair band. she asks if he has any hobbies, if he has any pets. after talking about his “heinz 57” dog named buster he used to have when he was a boy, this ensues:
louis: well, i like music a whole lot.
the cute woman: what kind of music?
louis: oh, country music.
the cute woman: you like country music.
louis: oh, you know i do! well, not that hollywood country. oh…hank williams and merle haggard… and tammy and lefty… and patsy…
the cute woman: oh yeah!
louis: mm-hhm.
the cute woman: you know, i think music is one of the sweetest things. and if it’s sweet it’s probably cute. and…you just can’t have enough sweetness in this world.
louis: no ma’am, you can’t. yeah…matter of fact, i’ve written a little song myself i’m gonna sing at the show tomorrow night. it’s about my life. i mean, what else do i know, huh?
the cute woman: [laughs politely]
louis: uh…i can give you a little sneak preview right here.
the cute woman: would you?
louis: you hold on right there! i hope you like it, it’d mean a lot to louis.
[stands up]
in 1950 when i was born
papa mmm i haven’t written this verse quite yet…
six feet talk and size twelve shoes
ba da da da da da da da people like us
we don’t want freedom
we do…eow meow meow-meow
we just want someone to love
[dramatic pause]
louis: [jumps forward suddenly and says loudly] ta-da!!!
[the cute woman gasps in fright]
louis: well, what’d you think?!
the cute woman: you know, when you sing your eye sockets go back in your head and it makes your eyes get beady.
louis: well, what about my music?
the cute woman: it’s awful sad. i couldn’t have that kind of sadness in my life. do you really feel that way?
louis: i…i never thought about it. maybe i am kind of sad. i like sad songs. they make me want to lie on the floor. louis the bear, on the floor.
[long pause, they both stare at the floor]
louis: i guess i’ll go now.
the cute woman: [smiles politely with regret at louis]
louis: sorry. it was nice talking to you.
[they stand up and he shakes her hand]
louis: [makes leaving motion pointing toward door] louis the bear, out the door.
the cute woman: goodbye.
louis: [removes hat and bows]
the cute woman: [as he walks out the door] cheer up!
later that evening, louis goes by mr. tucker’s for a little spiritual help. mr. tucker’s house is small and has all kinds of odd lawn ornaments and such in front. once in, he’s led by his hand by a small black boy to a wide door with beads. the boy puts out his hand and louis gives him some money. the boy draws back the beads and motions for louis to enter. inside is mr. tucker, sitting down and talking on a phone. the room is full of religious trinkets, candles, pictures of jesus and mary and elvis, crosses, etc.
louis: ramon gave me this address.
mr. tucker: [hangs up phone and puts it on the floor] well, hi! come on in! did you bring the photograph?
[louis hands him the polaroid of himself]
mr. tucker: thank you!
[mr. tucker takes the picture and puts it on a mirror with lots of other pictures]
louis: you know, i’m new at this.
mr. tucker: don’t matter. you don’t have to believe. if you follow directions, you can’t go wrong.
[mr. tucker leans back and forth, looking at louis, sizing him up]
mr. tucker: mm-hmm. you want to attract love.
louis: [laughs in surprise] how’d you know?
mr. tucker: your heart is too large. you’re an honest man.
louis: matrimony…it’s my life. and i want to share my life. i’ve tried everything.
mr. tucker: often our true nature is not what we hope it is. but you…in your case, you’re drawn to love. whatever you think is what you get. love must be drawn to you.

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