other than that…

i got something recently that i purchased on ebay:

  • adult./the dirtbombs – pray for pills/lost love 7″ vinyl (ersatz audio/cass)

this is a split 7″ vinyl adult. and the dirtbombs put out where they did a cover of each other’s songs. it was limited to 3000 copies and i have #233.
border’s had a 50% off coupon for blu-ray disks, so saturday i picked up these:

  • the matrix 10th anniversary edition – wachowski brothers (warner bros)
  • synecdoche, new york – charlie kaufman (sony)

saturday afternoon i went over to the potts’ house, and we ate supper at sylvia’s. sunday i spent some time looking online at radiators, fans, fan controls, etc. for the belair. then i met the potts at double dave’s for supper.
today i talked on the phone with a guy who makes radiator kits for tri-five chevys. i’ll probably be ordering a kit from him. i also looked at some other stuff at different sites. plus my mechanic called me and told me he’d gotten my old engine pulled from my belair, and he’d gotten the old heater core out. i’m not sure which type of heater core i have, but i’m hoping it’s the deluxe so i can buy a cheaper new one than a more expensive reconditioned one. i asked him about my old engine, and i think he said there was a hole in my oilpan and that i should have heard a loud “boom”. so i guess i blew up the engine real good, maybe even throwing a rod or something exciting like that.

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