“but i’m finally cutting through this haze” –cake

i’ve bought a few things lately. first, i got the xkcd book i ordered. next up, we have a book i picked up at border’s with a 40% off coupon:

  • lolita – vladimir nabokov (everyman’s library)

it continues with my stint of reading classic russian authors. while perusing at the store i read a short story called “the russian beauty” in a collection of his works. it was pretty cool. i was hoping to find a copy online to link to, but alas i did not.
on ebay i managed to grab:

  • the knife – heartbeats ep (rabid)

this is one of a few cd singles from their deep cuts album. i don’t see them very often.
i also ordered this from ersatz audio:

  • adult. – let’s feel bad together (ersatz audio)

this is the authorized bootleg cd-r made by ersatz audio for an album they released as a digital download purchase. i still prefer buying physical media, so i got it when they made a physical copy available. although the songs are burned out of order compared to the listing on the sleeve.
in bigger news, i took the afternoon off of work and had aaa come by and tow (on a flatbed) my belair to the mechanic. we discussed some of the various things i want to do, and i tried to get a bead on what else i need to purchase and such. since there are still a number of things i have to buy (and some i need to research to make a decision on first), i’m guessing the job is going to take at least a couple of weeks, if not a month (or possibly more). but when i’m done i’ll hopefully have a very nice looking, reliable engine in the car.
“it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, or maybe it’s 4.
i am thinking of you, wondering what I should do,
but I’m finally cutting through this haze.
it’s 4 o’clock in the morning, or maybe it’s 5.
i think i’m alive, and i think i’ll survive.
i’m finally cutting through this haze of love.”
–cake, “haze of love” from motorcade of generosity

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