living the dream

in the middle of the night wednesday (around 1:30am thursday morning actually) i had a dream that freaked me out. i had gone to sleep not too long before then, so i’m assuming it was my first rem cycle. i’m pretty sure i was moaning and jerking around in my sleep, so i ended up waking myself up. good times. it’s not that the dream was bloody and violent — i don’t have those kind of dreams all that often. often the dreams that really freak me out involve some kind of spirits that seem ominous and frightening. this was no exception.
i was in a house, sort of like the one i live in, but not quite. the layout was similar, at least the part i was in. the dream had gone on before this, but i’ve forgotten most of that. i was sitting at my desk and was falling asleep. but i was also hearing things…like people talking but not clear, and then when i would open my eyes no one was there. it felt like someone was in my house, but no one was supposed to be. then i started getting dizzy and couldn’t focus very well, and was very tired. it felt like i was drugged. it was dusk outside, but there was bright light on me coming from nowhere. i was sort of going in and out of consciousness. then all of the sudden i realized i had an old corded phone to my ear. i could hear someone breathing on the other end. i didn’t remember picking up the phone, but i knew i was half out of it, so i tried talking to them, asking who it was, but they just breathed. i got more confused and was starting to freak out, so i started yelling at them to tell me who it was. then i heard my grandmother say it was her. i asked her if she’d called me or i’d called her. she said it was the middle of the night and her phone kept ringing and ringing, so finally she’d answered it. i explained to her i didn’t remember calling her, i thought someone was in the house, but i was confused and felt like i was really tired or drugged and couldn’t think straight. i grabbed some kind of electronic device…maybe a cell phone…out of my pocket but the battery fell out. i was trying to put it back together — i think to make an emergency call. but then i sort of slipped out of my chair and was kind of rolling around and the cord from the corded phone wrapped around my neck. i felt like it was intentional and i wasn’t really in complete control of what was happening. i was trying to rationalize it in my dream, but things didn’t make sense. i jumped up and unwrapped the cord somewhat frantically. i started walking toward a door and was still talking to my grandmother when all of a sudden the lights in the room came on. no one was at the switch. i was dizzy, stumbling towards the door, trying to come up with why the lights might come on by themselves — but i was loudly and nervously telling my grandmother the lights just came on by themselves and asking what was going on. suddenly i felt a presence really strongly near me and i started falling toward the floor. that’s when i woke myself up. i laid in bed motionless for a few minutes, trying to take in my surroundings and figure out what was going on. it took a while for my heart rate to get back toward normal.
on to more normal things. i had been planning on going to brady for labor day weekend, but linc ended up not going and i have been feeling like i’m on the edge of getting sick for a week (several people at work have been sick, plus i was around calista who had/has whooping cough), so i decided to just stay here instead of ending up getting really sick in brady and/or passing along something to my parents and grandmother. so far it still hasn’t developed into anything, but it just sort of stays at about the same level. not sure what’s going on with that.
i placed an order through amazon a week or so ago. i bought a couple of blu rays:

  • heathers – ryder, slater
  • dr. strangelove – kubrick (columbia/sony)

and i picked up a few cds (and a 7″ vinyl):

  • the complete collection – the crucified (tooth & nail)
  • paper television – the blow (krecs)
  • do wrong right – the devil makes three (milan)
  • aces and twos (96/500) – the devil makes three (milan)
  • the name of this band is – talking heads (sire/warner/rhino)

i’m pretty excited about all of this stuff. i still highly recommend the devil makes three. the dm3 aces and twos is a limited edition 7″ 2-song vinyl. i got #96. if you want to hear/see some new live studio versions of a few songs, follow this link to their hear ya session. (their link to the zip file of all songs is borked though. here is a proper link: Devil Makes Three – HearYa Live the talking heads album is a 2-cd “re-release” of the album of the same name…except it’s actually all of the songs from the recording the original album was made from, as well other live recordings.
i also picked up a reprint of the movie poster for kubrick’s clockwork orange. i’m planning on getting it mounted and framed to join my bottle rocket and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind posters.
i used a 40% off coupon at borders on friday and picked up john kennedy toole’s the neon bible. i didn’t know anything else of his had been printed. i read confederacy of dunces a fair number of years ago, and knew it’d been printed posthumously. he committed suicide at age thirty-one. this evidently was written when he was sixteen, and sat for a long time after unearthed due to familial fights over financial rights. apparently nothing else was found, so this is it as far as fiction stories we’ll have from him. if it’s half as good as confederacy of dunces it’ll be immensely enjoyable.

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