“i could roll a six. i could also roll a one.” -tim

i don’t think i’ve mentioned that a month or two ago i got on some weird kick and downloaded world of warcraft and played it for the 10-day trial period. i’m not a gamer, but it was somewhat interesting. i’ve toyed with buying the game and paying to play, but i’m not sure i want to spend the money on it. it did get me to see if half price books had unused copies of it (since the original game is years old), but i guess you still have to buy it to play at all, so the answer is “no”. while in the half price books, i did buy some cds though:

  • medulla – bjork (elektra/atlantic/warner)
  • the ramblin’ man – waylon jennings (buddha/bmg/rca)
  • actual sounds + voices – meat beat manifesto (nothing/interscope/pias/universal)
  • pontiac – lyle lovett (curb/mca)
  • the road to ensenada – lyle lovett (curb/mca)
  • pablo honey – radiohead (capitol/emi)
  • ok computer – radiohead (capitol/emi)

i watched lady in the water a while back. i think i’d heard so many negative comments i wasn’t expecting much. but when i read on the blurb it was a bedtime story he’d made up for his kids and the movie started with “once upon a time…” — well, maybe all that made me not as harsh because i thought it was pretty good. as far as children’s stories go.
i also re-watched wild at heart. okay, i have absolutely no idea how i sat through pretty much any of that movie with my mom. gruesome violence, unbridled cursing, and tons of graphic sex scenes — all wrapped up in a complex plot with bizarre characters. what the hell was i thinking? (i hadn’t seen it before then, as far as i recall…so maybe i can claim ignorant stupidity. watch a david lynch film with your mom? brilliant!) i also have no idea how my mom was willing to sit through it, starting with the first scene. i was uncomfortable watching it by myself this time, just from imagining watching it with my mom. sorry, mom.
i took my harley in for its 1k maintenance. when i was almost there my front tire started going flat and i had a hard time steering the last half mile or so. i guess it’s fortunate i was already headed there anyway. it had had a nail in it, so i had to buy a new tire. *sigh*
i picked the bike up yesterday, then last night i met brad and kelli at west alabama for awhile, then we went to tacos-a-go-go.
i watched all of the british series the office via netflix streaming. it’s only like 2 6-season episodes and a 2-part special. it was good. it felt much more uncomfortable than the few episodes of the american version i’ve seen. i have to admit though, i didn’t really expect it to make me tear up some. i just sort of identified with some things tim said at various points (what with his self-deprecating and ironic sense of humor, along with his general feelings of living a mediocre life), so the damned happy ending of the xmas special was a sucker punch.
ash came to town for a visit and stayed with me a couple of days. it was great to see him. i wish we could hang out more. maybe i’ll finally get over my lethargy and visit him in taiwan. getting over my lethargy in any respect would be a pretty impressive feat.
while ash was here, we watched swimming with sharks. we’d watched it before, back when we were roommates back in ’96 or so. the movie’s pretty dark, but it’s well done.
tim canterbury: “i just think… well, i dunno. if you look at life like, ah, rolling a dice, then my situation now, as it stands, yeah, it may only be a three. if i jack that in now, go for something bigger and better, yeah, i could easily roll a six. no problem. i could roll a six. i could also roll a one. ok, so… i think sometimes just leave the dice alone.”
tim canterbury: (speaking about dawn) “[…] but, if i’m really being honest i never really thought it would have a happy ending. i don’t know what a happy ending is. life isn’t about endings, is it? it’s a series of moments. and umm… it’s not if, you know, if you turn the camera off it’s not an ending, is it. i’m still here, my life’s not over. come back, come back here in 10 years, see how i’m doing then. cause i could be married with kids, you don’t know. life just goes on.”

5 comments on ““i could roll a six. i could also roll a one.” -tim”

  1. Guess I don’t remember Wild At Heart, maybe I blocked it out of my memory!!! 🙂
    Dad called last night and left you a message, guess you were out on your bike.
    We’re ready for a visit.
    Love you,
    And you should go to Taiwan and visit Ash, that would be awesome!

  2. most motorcycle tires are tubeless these days, so yes they’re like car tires and can be fixed the same way. and some shops will plug bike tires. but if the plug goes while you’re driving, you just lost half of your tires. which means the process of you stopping is probably going to be rather ugly. so a lot of them feel uncomfortable doing plugs, and won’t do them at all.

  3. I used to ride the hell out of some plugged tires. I had 3 in one tire at one point. I got pretty used to getting flats though. Carried a plug kit with me. You just have to know where the closest air compressor or bicycle shop is wherever you happen to be.

  4. just got back to Taipei from England, so I’m trying to get caught up on your weblog. Yeah, dude. You really should come here for a visit. And yes, it was cool hanging out again. I we should do it more often. Listen to your mom!

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