when father’s day attacks

friday evening i ate at empire cafe and then met up with amateria (jamie) and we went to coffee groundz for some coffee and conversation.
saturday i used a coupon at border’s to pick up a book at 40% off:

  • the collected stories – alexander pushkin (everyman’s library)

pushkin is kind of considered the father of 19th century russian literature, and as i enjoyed dostoevsky’s crime and punishment and am currently enjoying tolstoy’s anna karenina i figured i’d probably also enjoy pushkin’s work (and seeing some of the work that influenced the authors i’ve read).
saturday evening i went down to the potts house. when i got there i asked about alcohol, but we never got any. i helped jack with his linux server, then we watched snl and got some food. after that, sue went to bed and i watched the second punisher movie while jack fell asleep. the movie was fair — the cinematography was pretty cool, but it was (like the first one) too cartoony to me. maybe it’s just been too long since i read the punisher, but i don’t remember it being as…silly. or maybe i just read the less silly stuff. overall, the silliness and soap opera factors were big reasons i didn’t like most of marvel’s stuff that much back in the day.
today i met the potts (minus the boys, who are visiting their grandparents) for lunch at bj’s in sugarland. they were giving away free glasses to fathers for father’s day (with the purchase of a beverage). jack and sue wanted me to get one so they could get two glasses, but i wasn’t really interested in doing it. at some point sue sue said “but you’re a father…” i’m not sure what she meant but i began acting like i was speaking to the waiter “yes, i’m a father. but my unborn child died in my wife, then she had a miscarriage. then she had an affair and divorced me. and yesterday was my wedding anniversary.” i think sue felt bad after i said that last line. but it was true. and the whole thing really made me more sad than i’d expected it to. i knew i should have drank yesterday. and i didn’t make up for it today either. yet.
taurian’s website said they are open sundays 2-10pm, but when i went by there around 8pm they were closed. i guess i’ll go back later.

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