“why’d you call yourself voltron?”

back on thursday april 2nd when i complained about my digestive system and cutting my foot, i had no idea that my digestive system would feel like its thunder had been stolen by the cut foot and thus do everything within its power to prove that it and it alone is enough to provide me with major misery. thursday night it spent from around 10pm until around 8am re-enacting what it might possibly feel like to have two feral wildcats hellishly fight their way from one end of my digestive system to the other. appropriately, once the wildcats relented, i spent pretty much the whole day friday in exhausted, semi-delirious sleep.
i had originally thought perhaps i might make it to the geek gathering taking place friday night, since the drama was over and i wasn’t feeling like my guts had been invaded by a slightly retarded alien who was mistakenly gestating in my bowels instead of my chest. but as the time drew near, even though i managed to eat something and keep it down, i realized i felt like i’d just been put in a potato sack and used as a punching bag by george foreman for about 30 minutes. it was better for me to just stay home and immobile.
i had been looking forward to my ortho appointment on tuesday, hoping to find out there was no ligament damage and it would be okay for me to start driving and such. unfortunately, on monday the ortho office called me and canceled. they rescheduled me for the same time a week away, so i’m now supposed to have my visit this coming tuesday. i went ahead and took the bus to work and home, getting rides one way or the other a few times as well. a 10 minute or so drive for me is about 1 hour by bus (40 or so if i time it exactly right).
i went to work every day (well, except today, which is a holiday), but i’m working about 5 hour days right now. at some point my leg seemed to improve as far as swelling and pain, but the last few days it seems to have gotten stuck. my ankle and foot swell up fairly quickly and stay swollen most of the day. (i don’t get to put my leg above my torso much.) i’m still limping some, don’t have feeling down the front of my leg, and going down stairs is not very easy.
i did go ahead and allow myself to drive a few times since the doctor didn’t keep his appointment. but i’ve kept them to short jaunts. i drove to get bubble tea one night, to kpft for technology bytes on wednesday, to the grocery store last night, and today i drove to the house of pies for lunch. (first time i’ve been there in over a month! and why were there so many hot alterna-chicks there today?)
borders has been having a 40% off sale/clearance on some of their cds. since i hadn’t really been making much in the way of purchases over the last month plus, i made a trip last week and today and went through their stock and picked up some stuff. the trip last week was almost all country, the one today almost all rock. here’s the haul:

  • first ten years – david allen coe (columbia)
  • the ultimate charlie daniels band – charlie daniels band (epic/legacy)
  • hell yeah – horrorpops (hellcat)
  • 16 biggest hits – johnny horton (columbia/legacy)
  • the wolf – shooter jennings (universal)
  • the essential kris kristofferson – kris kristofferson (columbia/legacy)
  • the definitive collection – jerry lee lewis (hip-o)
  • pontiac – lyle lovett (mca/curb)
  • c. w. mccall’s greatest hits – c. w. mccall (polydor)
  • will the circle be unbroken – nitty gritty dirt band (capitol)
  • no depression – uncle tupelo (columbia/legacy)
  • 89/93: an anthology – uncle tupelo (columbia/legacy)
  • rowdy – hank williams jr. (curb)
  • the pressure is on – hank williams jr. (curb)

a lot of this is stuff i’ve wanted on some level or another for various reasons, but didn’t want enough to pay full price for.

  • the singles 81>85 – depeche mode (mute/reprise)
  • open season – remixes and collabs – feist (cherrytree/interscope)
  • fever ray – fever ray (rabid/mute)
  • minimum-maximum – kraftwerk (astralwerks/emi)
  • public warning – lady sovereign (def jam)
  • complete discography – minor threat (dischord)
  • the moldy peaches – the moldy peaches (rough trade)
  • portishead – portishead (go! beat/london)
  • talking heads: 77 – talking heads (sire)
  • the best of rob zombie – rob zombie (geffen/universal)

i got feist mostly due to a postal service remix i’ve heard and liked from this album. the minor threat album is a remastered version, the original version of which i already own. i’m almost positive i already owned that talking heads album on cd, but i haven’t been able to find it for a couple of years (if i owned it) so i bought it. the fever ray album, which is an album by the girl from the knife, was actually bought at soundwaves a week and a half or two ago — i got the hrc to take me by there after we ate lunch at tacos-a-go-go because i knew the album should have been out by then. the hrc was just accompanying me, but she ended up buying 6 or 7 albums for herself (by the knife, adult., and grandaddy). i only got fever ray. haha. anyway, feist was at one time the roommate of the lady who does work under the name peaches, and there is one song on the feist remix album she was involved with. i love the way the music by peaches sounds. unfortunately, her songs are highly sexual and raunchy (i mean highly) so i have yet to buy any peaches albums. it’s sort of funny she evidently used to be a school teacher.
oh yeah, i also picked up a movie that first time at borders:

  • hot rod – andy samberg (paramount)

that movie is hilarious. it’s stupid humor, but it’s really funny. to me it’s kind of like napoleon dynamite, but more slapstick and silly instead of odd and obtuse. but both sort of take the way elementary school age kids think and act and have older people behave that way.
i never mentioned that a while back i managed to score a madman statue on ebay for a decent price. i didn’t know the number (the run was of 1500 i think), but when it arrived it was #144. nice! unfortunately, when i opened the box the statue version of the lady from the movie misery must have gotten to him because both of his legs were shattered at the shins. *sigh* i was originally thinking i would make an insurance claim on it, but i think i may try to keep it and piece it back together instead.
cathy: why’d you call yourself voltron?
dave: i don’t know. maybe ’cause it’s super badass!
cathy: you’re weird.
dave: hellz yeah, i am!
(from hot rod)

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