dizzying possibilities

well, things have taken an interesting turn. around 6am thursday night / friday morning i woke up and went to roll over and something was wrong. my head turned, but it didn’t really feel like the rest of the world moved in sync with me. i sat up and noticed i felt dizzy. i was a bit worried, but hoped it’d pass, so i laid back down and went back to sleep. i woke up around 10:30am and it was still the same. i got up and walked to the bathroom, but i had to hold on to the door frame and walls and such, as my balance was off. this was pretty disconcerting, as i really didn’t know what would be causing it. i didn’t feel bad in any other way.
i called and texted a couple of people to see what they thought, and the general answer was inner ear. i was a bit relieved at the thought it might just be an inner ear infection. i also had to cancel on going to lunch with some of my co-workers. i had been looking forward to that for awhile, but i my equilibrium was too off to feel comfortable going out and doing stuff. so that sucked. i was still worried what might be causing my dizziness though, so when jack called around 11am i asked if he could take me to a doctor. i don’t have a regular doc, so i planned to go to a doc-in-the-box at a grocery store. i’d been to one some months back at an heb, so i figured i’d go there. jack and the kids picked me up and took me. i went in and told them, but they said dizziness as the only symptom wasn’t something they could do and i needed to go to a regular clinic. they gave me the address of an “urgent care clinic” further down westheimer, so i went outside and jack drove me to it. i filled out the forms and waited for some time. eventually they saw me. the doctor didn’t seemed too worried about it. they said my blood pressure and pulse was a little high but nothing too odd. she figured it was related to either my allergies or laying in bed so much the last couple of weeks. as i was getting up to leave the office, i got dizzy and had to sit down. then i felt clammy and sweaty and went to find a bathroom, as i felt like i was either about to pass out or vomit. i ended up doing neither, although i got close to both. she prescribed me 10 tablets of meclazine, which is for nausea and motion sickness. jack came back and picked me up. we went by target and he went in and bought me some gatorade and water. on the way home, he stopped by quizno’s and picked me up a sandwich.
the more time i had to sit and feel fuzzy and not know why, the more down i got about it. i felt like my leg was getting better, but then this happened. by the time saturday rolled around and it hadn’t gone away, i was feeling pretty down. it wasn’t pronounced — i never felt like the room was spinning and i had to hold on, just things would shift like you’re on a ship or something and i start leaning off a bit. i had been planning on going to a co-worker’s meat and martini party, but if i were dizzy i didn’t think i could. after talking with a few people on the phone, i ended up feeling a little better about things, and decided maybe i should go ahead and go the party, even if it was just for a little while. otherwise i’d just be sitting at home in bed feeling bad about things. i had convinced the hrc to stop by the city market in luling on her way home and pick up some brisket and sausage for the meat and martin party (okay, i didn’t really have to convince her…just ask her to pick some up for the party since she was going to be at city market in luling anyway :), so i was glad the luling meat could make it to the party. the hrc agreed to accompany me to the party, since i can’t drive myself. (and even if i could, now i was dizzy to boot.)
i would have enjoyed the party more if i hadn’t been dizzy and my leg wasn’t messed up, but i managed to sit in one place for a few hours and be okay. i talked to several co-workers i hadn’t seen since before the accident. i got the prescription filled for the meclazine, and i took one saturday evening.
sunday i woke up and things were still the same. sue called and said i should probably keep taking the medicine so i took another one. the potts came by around noon and brought doughnuts and such. most of the rest of the day i slept. i think the medicine makes me really drowsy. i can’t tell it helps with the fuzziness / dizziness though. the best i can describe it now is like when you’ve got a buzz from alcohol. like you move your head and then the room moves a little later, or you stand up and go to walk and things don’t feel quite completely stable. it’s still kind of disconcerting to not know what’s causing it. i think i may try to get an appointment with a doctor’s office on monday and see if they can maybe try to figure it out (blood test or whatever). or maybe it’ll go away on its own.

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  1. It was very good to see you Saturday and thanks for making the effort despite the vertigo.
    Your body has been through a heck of a lot recently and hopefully you won’t have many more of these side effects as things heal up.

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