combining existing rhn (red hat network) accounts

let’s say at some point you created a red hat network account. now you’re working for some company and they’ve got some red hat systems, and they want to manage them through the red hat network. and there are a few fellow employees you work with, some of whom already have rhn accounts. “easy” you think — “i’ll set up a red hat network account for my company, then i’ll create accounts for the people who don’t have them and join/add/import the already existing accounts to the organization.” sounds look a good plan, right?
well, you can’t do it. when you create a new account, it is tied to the organization it was created with. further, the email address you used is tied to that account. so you can’t join that account to other organizations, and you can’t re-use the email address on a new account, and you can’t use the same rhn account name. so what options are there?
well, as far as i know from talking to support, you have to have or create an account, and use that account as the organization administrator. then, using that account, you have to create new, never used by anyone, red hat network accounts. with never before used email addresses. (granted, they allow you to do the trick where you put “+1” (or whatever number(s) or character(s)) after your email account name and it doesn’t recognize it as the same account — and as long as your email system knows to ignore anything after a plus sign in the account field your mail will arrive to your single account.)
i put this up because i spent some amount of time doing searches on how to combine or import or add existing red hat network (rhn) accounts to an organization. when i finally gave up and called support, they said it wasn’t possible due to accounting issues.
so…get started creating all those accounts. but don’t get tied to your rhn account name or email address, as you can’t really take them with you.
and if anyone has information contrary to this, i’d love to know about it!

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