hurricane webcam is go

well, we were released early from work today. and my place of employment is going to be closed tomorrow. what does that mean for me? not much, as i have volunteered to be part of the essential personnel ride-through crew. good times — and lots of foodstuffs packed with preservatives — are sure to be had.
having watched the wonderful “3 drunk guys and a hurricane” on for gustav, i decided i should jump on the bandwagon. i got home from work and started trying to set up a webcam through ustream. unfortunately, i’ve got a network-based webcam that didn’t work, and an old cheap webcam that didn’t work. i thought about trying my sony video camera, but i didn’t have the right kind of firewire cable. *sigh*
i went and ate a nice meal at star pizza, then i went to best buy and bought one of two webcams they had that actually listed as being supported under mac os. i’m not sure if it’s the best choice, but it was almost the only choice i had. i got home, plugged it in, and set up my stream. so i present to you now, the houston hurricane chopped n screwed cam. you can’t see much right now since it’s dark, but hopefully during the daylight hours you can see what it looks like in the front of my house.

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