hurricane ike 2008 – around the house

i left the “work bunker” around noon today and headed to the house to see what if anything had happened. here are a few pics of what happened at my house. it’s really not all that impressive.
first up, the only shingle damage that i saw from the short amount of time i spent looking the place over…
next is a bit more obvious. a branch had fallen from one of the trees at the front of the house and was blocking the driveway…
of course, that doesn’t compare to the many full fallen trees i saw while i was driving around.
and finally, when i walked around to the back of the house i saw this…
a small tree (probably about a 4 or 5 inch trunk diameter and maybe 15 feet high) had fallen over and pulled the phone line. but the phone was still working. then a big branch (probably about 8 inches at the base and maybe 20 feet long) had ripped off of a tree and fallen on the cable line. but it was still intact. (not sure if it was working, since i didn’t have power.) fortunately, neither of them fell on the power line. and neither of them actually broke the line they fell on, as far as i can tell. i got out the lopping shears (is that what they’re called) and cut off branches until they were no longer laying on the lines.
i didn’t see any interior damage, other than maybe a bit of leaking in one spot in the ceiling where it has leaked some in the past. but it was very minor and didn’t appear to be any kind of problem at all.

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