1am ike update

the national weather service released a new advisory update at 1am central. looks like ike might not actually make a category 3 before hitting landfall. the path is still toward galveston and houston, although it appears to have moved just a small bit to the east.
if you’re interested in checking on hurricane info, i highly recommend stormpulse. it’s the best presentation of the data i’ve seen on any website. (including weather.com, weatherunderground, noaa, any tv station, etc.) the coolest thing is it’s evidently just two guys, neither of which actually have any specific ties to a government organization or tv/radio station.
i’m going to go to bed now i believe. gotta get up in time to pack all of my hurricane supplies.

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  1. Over here we are waiting for typhoon Sinlaku to overcome decision anxiety and pick a direction. Right now it’s just hanging out and not going anywhere much. I been reading the forecast commentary on weatherunderground.com and they pretty much say that they don’t know what’s going to happen over the next day or two, but after that the different models tend to agree that it will swing well to the north of us. So far, no hysteria here. I’m trying to figure out where I can get some sandbags and plastic sheeting that I will need sooner or later anyway. Good luck with Ike!

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