“why are you undermining me, man?” –dignan

friday i took off from work a couple of hours early and took the bel-air to european autoworks. i was trying to decide between taking it there or to rms (which i took my pickup to for the brake work). in the end i decided to try pete at european. i’m curious to see how it works out, since both times i went there he kind of talked negatively about my car. but maybe that’s just his way. he was recommended by someone who has a ’66 chevy pickup and had work done there. he’s looking at the brakes and engine performance, and possibly re-adjusting the back end to its normal height (it was lowered by a previous owner because he liked the sled look, but i don’t).
friday evening was barrett and amanda’s wedding. the ceremony was up in plantersville, so i decided to not make that drive. i almost talked myself out of going to the reception as well, which was at the majestic downtown. (i have to feel “up” and comfortable to want to go do social things if i’ll be around a bunch of people i don’t know.) i was a couple of hours late and missed the dinner and such, but made it in time to see jay and cynthia and dwight, and hear disco expressions. i talked with barrett for awhile and gave him a cigar. once it was over they were going to continue at dean’s. i waited outside the majestic and smoked a cigar, but then my social aversion got the better of me (since i figured i wouldn’t really know anyone very well other than the people who got married) and i bailed. i went to frank’s and had a slice of pizza, then i went home.
yesterday i went over to a co-worker’s house and hung out with some people from work. i played rock band and acted stupid on sing star, and generally had an enjoyable time.
the last week or two i’ve been working on trying to get everything cleaned off of my old win98 desktop. it’s a slow process. i have managed to move most of the mail that was on it onto google app accounts. i had stuff in outlook express, pc-pine, and pegasus mail. unfortunately, a lot of them were in broken installs or just the mailbox files. (i also have some outlook pst files which i haven’t figured out how to crack yet, since i don’t have outlook installed and i don’t know what version they’re from.) for the pegasus mail stuff, i had to install a new version of pegasus mail to read that. then i was using imap from all of them to move messsages onto google mail. except pegasus mail wouldn’t keep the timestamps right when moving via imap. so i ended up installing thunderbird, creating an mbox folder in pegasus mail, moving the mail into it, moving the created mbx file into thunderbird’s profile folder and removing the extension, then moving the mail from thunderbird to google mail via imap. but that worked and all of the mail has its original date on it. it’s kind of crazy. i’ve got over 2000 messages from between 1995 and 2003 so far. what sucks is i lost a bunch of mail a few years ago when a company i was paying to host my domain wiped my inbox. they claimed it was because of something i did, but their unix box was pretty open and i scoured logs and proved it was their own misconfiguration. (not that they cared.) they also claimed to make backups, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t restore my mail (because i think they didn’t want to do restores unless it was a full system restore…if they actually had valid backups). i switched companies. i also lost a lot more mail a couple of years ago when my server at the new company crashed and burned. (which was also when i lost all early blog entries, from before i let anyone know i was blogging.) i would have been okay since i was making local copies on my desktop, but my desktop hard drive crashed and burned within a month or two of the server crashing. and i didn’t have backups of that.
my new iphone case finally appears to have arrived in houston yesterday. so hopefully they’ll deliver it to me tomorrow.
anthony: woah, woah, woah, woah. excuse me. the…are the explosives really necessary here? i think it’d be a lot more simple if i just walk up to the door alone. i…i think that would be…
dignan: why are you undermining me, man?
(from bottle rocket)

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  1. I’m curious about european autoworks also, and have some work I might outsource to them. I’d love to know how they do, so please keep me apprised of their progress and service on the bel-air.

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