something is missing

last week on sunday or something i watched smokey and the bandit. it’d been years since i’d seen it. i was kind of surprised by how well it’s held up. it’s still funny. cheaply done, kind of silly, but fun. jackie gleason is awesome as sheriff buford t. justice. and jerry reed does a wonderful job as the truck driver. i recommend it.
tuesday night i drove down to the potts on my motorcycle and traded it for their mini-van. i drove it to hobby airport and picked them up there. they were flying back into town after being up in the northeast visiting family. it was drizzling (unlike when i took the motorcycle to their house), so they ended up dropping me off at my house (and i’d pick up the motorcycle sometime later).
wednesday, of course, i sold my soul as my previous blog entry and photo showed. i kind of had a mental meltdown wednesday night after selling my soul. i wasn’t sure i was really making the right decision. i talked to a couple of people wednesday night, as well as talking to some people at work on thursday. in the end i mostly stayed the course, although i went and had a talk with my manager about exactly what i was looking to do. i’m hoping that cleared up things on both sides and will set a future course for me that works out for both sides.
also on wednesday, i was wearing my red and black dickies shirt, and since it was supposed to rain i carried my umbrella. which is also red and black. then i had my new iphone case…also red and black. so i had a lot of red and black. i joked about it when i got to the radio station, so jay had me go outside and represent and he took a pic. he uploaded it to flickr and added some lol-text. then dwight used the pic in an article about the fact that he picked up a case like mine (although a different color). i’m not sure this is how i wanted to be known.
they had a silent auction last week at work for some surplus office equipment (mostly filing cabinets) and i got a pretty nice dark grey five-drawer teknion cabinet for $30. that’s a pretty good price, considering they sell new for like $1500 or something (even used is usually a few hundred). now i just need to get it home.
a while back i ordered a few dvds and cds from amazon. here are the dvds i got:

  • airplane! (don’t call me shirley! edition) – zucker/abrahams/zucker (paramount)
  • anchorman – (dreamworks)
  • anchorman – wake-up ron burgundy – (dreamworks)
  • hackers – (mgm/united)
  • three o’clock high – (universal)
  • top secret! – (paramount)

the first two i actually already had copies of, but i bought replacements. also, by re-buying anchorman i was able to buy a two-pack with a dvd called wake-up ron burgundy. it’s got a bonus feature, outtakes and deleted scenes, awards speeches, etc. i think it’ll be pretty funny. i’ve been meaning to pick up hackers since it is sort of a computer culture have-to-have, even though it’s kind of silly. at least it uses angelina jolie as an alterna-hacker chick, which helps. three o’clock high was a movie i was introduced to by ash, years after it’d been out. he was a big fan of it and quoted it liberally, so i felt like i already knew the movie before i ever even saw it. in fact, i bought a dvd copy of it for him years ago for his birthday (i think that was the occasion). and top secret! is a zucker / abrahams / zucker job (like airplane!).
here are the cds i got:

  • nauru – coppe (mango & sweet rice) 2003
  • 8 – coppe (mango & sweet rice) 2004
  • oscillation of matter – oofm with coppe (mango & sweet rice) 1997/1998
  • stars on the wall – the go find (morr music) 2007

i had been interested in coppe after hearing her stuff on either lush or digitalis (soma fm channels). it’s pretty quirky electronic stuff, mixing lots of styles. unfortunately, she moved to japan, so all of her albums on her website are $20 plus shipping and handling. fortunately for me, i found copies of a number of them on amazon at much better prices. the only surprise was i ordered what was listed as a self-titled album (which would be her first album) but ended up with nauru. which is okay, since i didn’t have it and i got it really cheap. i’m pretty sure i heard the go find on digitalis. they’re electro indie alterna music, sort of like the postal service and such. nice stuff.
i also picked up a red swingline stapler from amazon. something for my desk, and a sort of secret handshake of sorts to see how many other office space fans i work with. i took it to work today, and the answer to how many people i work with are familiar with office space is: a lot. numerous people were quoting lines from the movie when they saw the stapler on my desk. as a joke, hidden under the rubber non-skid pad i wrote “milton waddams” in sharpie and then put a line through it and wrote my name.
saturday the hrc and her mini-me helped me pick up my bel-air from the shop. he pretty much completely rebuilt the brakes, using all the parts that the bel-airs used (i.e., no switch to disc brakes). he also cut the brackets and removed the blocks to lift the back end of the car so the vehicle is now level instead of dragging its butt. i talked to him about the engine. it sounds like a new engine may be a fair bit more expensive than i thought. we’ll see. he is supposed to call me and let me know about a place in town that does rebuilds. he was guessing a rebuild might run around $2k, but he wasn’t sure.
sunday i drove the bel-air to the hot bagel shop for a bagel, then a while later sue came by and picked me up and we went back to their house. i ate a late lunch with them and then hung out for a few hours. it’d been awhile since i’d hung out with them. then i jumped on the motorcycle and headed back to my house.

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  1. You try and run, I’m gonna track you down! You go to a teacher, it’s only gonna get worse. You sneak home….I’ll be under ya bed! Great post man. Even had a swingline stapler. If I’m late to work again, I’ll be summarily dismissed. I also like the symmetry of the motorcycle being dropped off at the beginning and picked up at the end.

  2. So, why is it exactly that in all of your pictures we never see your face? You do still have one don’t you? BTW, I thought your joke of writing “milton waddams” and then replacing it with your name was awesome. 🙂

  3. My clear Rebel case came in this weekend. Thanks for letting me share in your coolness!
    “Where Honey meets the whole Australian Soccer team…”
    -Jerry Mitchell-

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