movies are expensive these days

dwight saw my iphone cover at the radio show wednesday night and was enamored by it. he evidently is planning on getting himself one. at first he was pitching getting the same exact one as mine, but later he said he was thinking he’d get the all black.
thursday evening i made some online purchases from amazon and a cigar shop. i’ll provide more details once things arrive.
friday i was working maintenance, so it gave me a chance to do stuff during the day. i decided to eat with the hrc at a place called little hip’s diner on westheimer, to be followed by a stop at nearby catalina coffee. (the hrc is sort of a coffee fiend.) unfortunately, little hip’s appeared to be closed. i don’t know if that’s permanent or not. that threw off the whole sequence of planned events. fortunately, we were able to adapt and went to star pizza a little further down the road. which gave us the chance to swing by catalina.
i thought i recalled mentions of a drink called a “black and white” when doing google searches, so that’s what i ordered. and i described it as half coffee and half milk. but when i was searching today i saw no such references online. i’m not sure where i saw that now. that might explain why the barista was perplexed by my order. nevertheless, i got what i wanted. the hrc had a latte, and was pleased by it. (catalina tends to garner very positive comments from coffee snobs throughout houston.)
today i got up and decided i wanted to see a movie. i narrowed it down to american teen and man on wire, both of which were showing at river oaks. unfortunately, both of them were showing in the upstairs theaters, which i don’t like as much because they feel too small to me. but they were what seemed interesting of the available showings today. i decided on american teen. but when i got to river oaks, it turns out their downstairs (main) theater was having sound problems, so they’d moved the downstairs movie upstairs and were alternating the other two films in the second upstairs theater. as luck would have it, the time i went to was man on wire‘s slot. so i paid to see it. afterward i decided to go ahead and watch american teen as well. luck surprised me — they’d gotten the audio working in the main theater, and had decided to play american teen down there. so i got to see the movie i’d most wanted to see on the big screen, instead of one of the smaller ones. both movies were pretty good, but i think i liked man on wire better. it’s the story of the guy who clandestinely put a tight-rope up across the twin towers back in 1974 and spent awhile up there on it. it was a pretty cool documentary about him and the people that worked with him and helped him, as well as the planning and execution of the event itself. american teen is a documentary about some kids during their senior year of high school in indiana. it was interesting seeing the different personalities and remembering some of my own high school days. usually i sit through the credits, but they turned the film off not long into the credits. evidently there is an epilogue with a “where are they now?” bit, from what i’ve read online. that would have been nice to see. oh well.
in both movies, i reminded myself of why i don’t normally get a drink. i hadn’t eaten or drank anything today, so i got a tea before the first movie (they don’t have coffee). i still hadn’t eaten by the second film, so i got a coke. in both cases i think i made it between 1 and 1.5 hours before i had to leave the theater for a bit. i hate having to do that. so, no more buying drinks before movies.

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