iphone case: switcheasy capsule rebel (“devil”)

a few days ago i watched lords of dogtown. it’s about the shifting of the skate scene from civilized to renegade started by the zephyr shop team (which included tony alva, jay adams, and stacy peralta). the script was written by stacy peralta. the story was pretty good, but the style was a little too much for me. it was kind of like they took a skater video and made it last 2 hours. it seemed like in every scene all z-boys and co. must be doing something extreme and crazy while everyone else stands around and looks confused, shocked, and/or offended. it was just a little too much. they couldn’t just skate down a street, they had to knock things over and do “x-treme!” things the whole time. they couldn’t just ride in a car or get out of it, they had to jump and scream and hit things. i guess i understand they were trying to capture an overall vibe or feeling from that time period in their lives, but it seemed a bit much. or maybe i’m just not extreme enough to “get it”.
sunday afternoon i went and watched the imax version of the dark knight. it cost me $14. i’m not sure if it was worth that, but it was very good. very dark, but i think it was appropriate. heath ledger’s joker was wonderful. it’s got a lot of action sequences, but i’d heard some people say it was empty otherwise — i didn’t find that to be the case. batman, the joker, and two-face — as well numerous other characters — had the opportunity to make statements that explained their basic philsophical views that define them. i personally found two-face’s perspective versus batman’s a very interesting thing to consider. while in the theater, i began to wonder how many other people watching it could so easily identify with two-face. meaning, i could empathize with his character quite a bit. while i (and i assume most other people) would like to imagine themselves to have the makeup of batman, i found myself feeling it would be very easy for me to assume the position of harvey dent given the circumstances. anyway, i just thought the movie wrestled with some deep concepts about how we view the world and our response to it. in the middle of a bunch of fight and action sequences. (and yes, there are plenty of places that require some suspension of disbelief. it’s based on a comic book…hello?) i was pleased overall.
(possibly very minor spoiler: oh yeah…and i prefer to think the joker’s detonators on the ships were actually for their own ship. it was never hinted at or revealed that i recall, but i like that idea. wouldn’t the joker relish someone destroying themselves after anguishing over a decision and deciding to destroy someone else? it seems like yet another nice twist.)
pete from european autoworks called me today and told me my brakes were messed up and needed work. so i gave him the phone numbers of a couple of places that sell ’55-’57 chevy parts. he also said my engine had bad compression in one cylinder. bad luck. so i’m thinking instead of rebuilding or working with an engine i don’t know the history of, i may just go ahead and plop in a new crate engine. i’m sure pete will have more to tell me in the next few days.
after searching for ways to get access to my old .pst files, i came across a nice page (slipstick.com) that explained how to install outlook 97 via grabbing some exchange 5 service pack files of the microsoft download site. i did it and it worked. i actually didn’t care about outlook, just getting it installed so i could attach the personal folder pst files to it and then export them to outlook express. (where i’ll move them via imap over to google app mail accounts.) rock and roll.
today i went down to the potts’ house to get their mail and check on some stuff. of course, i didn’t have a working key to their house so that added some complexity to things. once done, i used my being over in that part of town as an excuse to eat supper at sylvia’s enchilada. mmmm.
and finally…on monday my new iphone case arrived. i can now reveal…it’s the capsule rebel by switcheasy. the one i got is the “devil”, which is the red and black one. after being with it two days, i can say so far i think it rocks. i’ve gotten mostly positive comments (including “darth maul” references), but personally i think it looks more like some kind of weird mechanical red and black trilobite. (that’s a good thing.) whatever the case, i like it a lot. it feels good, it fits snugly, it doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. and it definitely is unique looking. (despite the annoying “rebel” moniker, which overplays the uniqueness card it rightfully deserves.) it also comes with some nice extras (like a universal dock adapter, video dock stand, and power connector slot protector).

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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t get the black and gold, for Brady!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Pretty sharp looking.
    Love you,

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