I just sold my soul

well, I did. after years of avoiding microsoft products at all costs, I just agreed to move into a role at work that will make me intimately involved with numerous ms products. on the escalated priveledges form, I signed it and then pricked my left ring finger and put a fingerprint in blood over my signature.
and as if selling my soul were’t bad enough, I was forced to each lunch by myself.
(I typed this on my iPhone, via a nice blog plug-in that gives a special iPhone interface. it doesn’t make typing large amounts of text on an iPhone any easier or. more fun though.)

4 comments on “I just sold my soul”

  1. As the person most directly responsible (for the MSFT part)…I say welcome. But I did forget to show you the secret handshake…remind me to do that on Friday…

  2. What’s an “escalated privileges form” and why did you want to bleed on it? Intimately involved? Have I been using MS products incorrectly all these years? Good thing I finally switched to Mac.
    I realize I seem to be very out-of-the-know, but I guess that’s just how I roll. Although I really would like to understand it all and roll a little differently. So plee-az halp.
    Sorry to hear you sold your soul, that sounds unfun, but I always eat lunch by myself. Is that a bad thing? Please let me know, I may have a lot of crying to catch up with and I’d like to try to get it out of the way before the weekend.
    Did you put a little tear drop falling from the eye of your FreeBSD daemon decal? Probably should if you haven’t yet.

  3. *sigh* I guess you took my old job and its not a hoax. Congratulations on diving into hell, head first. I guess you can have secret meetings with the devil now too. Jeez. Good thing you took your “this cubicle is certified windows free” sign down awhile back. Maybe the unix gods have smited you for that. In reality, (not that the above is not reality) I think you will enjoy it. There may be other, unrelated unpleasantries that may rear their ugly head due to grizzly wells moving on, but I do think you will enjoy the position.
    Ps. I am responding to your post from my iPhone as well. Not as impressive, but still.

  4. Wow. So, Slayer’s song Reign in Blood was actually about Bill Gates. Man, they really were ahead of their time!

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