“how do you afford your rock’n’roll lifestyle?” –cake

i guess last week must have been uneventful, or i’m forgetful, because i don’t recall anything i feel a burning need to note or comment on. or maybe it’s all the booze, partying, and sex — you know, just the normal week of a jet-setter such as myself. or maybe i’m on a super-secret mission and i can’t talk about it.
friday i went in to work in the afternoon because electrical work was being done in our data center so i was working an evening shift. fortunately, i didn’t have to stay all that late (around 11:30pm). but i did have to get up at around 5am saturday morning to go back in. yuck! i was done around 10:30am, except for some forgotten things here and there — but my sleep schedule was evidently totally jacked up. i took a nap in the early evening, then got up and headed over to natalie’s for her house warming party. i didn’t actually see much of her house, but i was there until around 3am. i met a couple that seemed really cool — he was a programmer and she was an artist. i’ll probably never see them again. 🙂 i got home and went to bed around 4am.
i slept most of sunday. sunday night i went over to the potts and had a root beer float and watched bandits. sue’s brother is in town for the summer i think, and had brought it. it was okay. it has bruce willis and billy bob thorton as inmates who escape from prison and start robbing banks.
today i got up and decided to have brunch at le peep. i walked there and ate, then from there i walked to academy. i almost bought a pistol. but i decided i should probably wait, since i’m trying to get up the gumption to pull the trigger on buying a new tv. at some point last week i went to a best buy to compare the samsung ln46a650 and sony bravia kdl-46xbr4. i should have gone to circuit city: i stood in the best buy for 40+ minutes and no one ever said a word to me. oh well, i’ve pretty much decided i’m going to order online anyway…i can get either set for probably $700 less than i’d pay if i bought it locally. that’s a lot of money, and i’m not sure having someone local to deal with problems is worth that much money. and i don’t think i could haggle them low enough to make buying locally worth it. plus i don’t like haggling.
a while back i logged into my cafepress account and looked at the history on my items. i thought they’d mail me when something sold, but i guess maybe it’s only when you have the price marked above their base price. it turns out other than my own purchases, they’ve sold one “christian rtfm” shirt, two “fsck the system” shirts, and about 26 “bob wills is still the king” bumper stickers.
and one of these days i’ll take my car, motorcycle, and pickup in to get them worked on. i hope. maybe in that order. or maybe not.
now i’ll go join jack and chip at the house of pies…

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  1. top secret mission? Your brother was up here the other day and he said you ran away from home.

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