me and my motorcycle

there aren’t all that many pictures of me floating around where my face isn’t covered. here’s one taken by my friend jack potts while we were on our brenham excursion a few weeks ago…


it was taken very near the entrance to the washington-on-the-brazos state park. it should be immediately obvious for numerous reasons why i don’t like having my picture taken. but i do like my motorcycle. and my shoes. anyway, jack is bohemian photography and he does some cool stuff.

5 comments on “me and my motorcycle”

  1. There are no obvious reasons why you shouldn’t like to have your picture taken. That is a great picture, the lighting is really interesting. Jack does a good job, but of course, he had a really good subject!

  2. I tend to agree with your mom and serena, but it’s not like you would listen to me anyway! Jack does do good work, at least the stuff I have seen so far. I do agree with you that “angelina” is hot and I do like the shoes, even though I like the green ones better 😉

  3. I think Jack did a good job of capturing you in this picture. The old barn, the motorcycle — that’s you. Now if you could somehow include computers in the picture… 🙂
    BTW, I don’t pretend to know much about motorcycles or their style, but I haven’t noticed too many with a hooded headlight like yours. I think it gives you a retro look and makes your bike fit in with your other vehicles.

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