“they say it’s the light leading you to heaven.”

even though i went to bed around 2am last night, i woke up on my own around 9:30am this morning. suck. not too long after that, i learned my managers from work had been trying to get in touch with me. in an email they said they’d called me and left a message. odd, since my phone hadn’t rung. i went and checked it…battery, signal, on…no missed calls, no voicemail. after taking care of the work issue, i turned off the phone, pulled the battery, put it back in, and turned it on. i immediately got 3 voicemails and 5 text messages. evidently my phone pretended like it was fine starting sometime around 10pm the night before, but actually wasn’t able to send or receive anything. *sigh* this has happened a few times before. i was hoping i could hold out for awhile, but i guess i may have to look into a new cell phone.
i walked over to jeni’s noodle house for lunch. on the way back i stopped by a custom stationary store to talk to them about getting custom notecards and wax stamps and such. i didn’t make any decisions. i then walked down to the new cactus music. it’s a pretty big store, and they have a whole section devoted to only vinyl. i didn’t buy anything though. they used to have it categorized by type of music, now it’s pretty much all just a-z. i kind of liked being able to peruse the country section. oh well. from there i walked back to the house.
i’ve been wrestling over some issues lately, and this afternoon provided a lot of time for me to do just that. i eventually decided i needed to stop thinking and do something for awhile. i called sue and she came over with the kids and picked me up. i went to a park with them, then we went to star pizza. jack showed up a little later. i talked to them about life and complexity and the seeming unfairness of it all. what can i say? it feels like life is a string of hopes and newness, followed by endings and disappointments. i guess that’s the cycle of life, or the way things are, or whatever, so it’s probably my perspective affecting that as much as anything else. i guess. things would probably be better if i could focus on the good and ignore the stuff that surrounds and undermines the good parts. or if maybe something could come along that didn’t actually have the bad aspects. or at least a minimal amount of them. that’d be really nice.
morgan earp: i read this book, book on spiritualism…
virgil earp: oh, G-d, here he goes…
morgan earp: …said a lot of people, when they’re dyin’, they see this light, like in a tunnel. they say it’s the light leading you to heaven.
[later in the movie, morgan is fatally wounded in a gunfight]
morgan earp: remember what i said about people seein’ a bright light before they die? it ain’t true. i can’t see a damn thing.
–bill paxton as morgan earp in tombstone

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