“i mean, let’s leave the party.” –randy

sunday night i watched broken wings. it’s an israeli movie about a family that has collapsed after the husband/father died. the movie is set a number of months after he has died. the movie deals a lot with the mother and her relationship with her four children. she is trying to hold a job (as a midwife) and be a single mother, and trying to be able to survive and maybe even move on in life. each child is trying to cope with things in their own way, but the hardest hit are the two oldest — a daughter and son. as far as the children, more time is spent on the oldest child, a daughter. it was an interesting film and deals with what would be a difficult time for any family.
monday i took a sick day. you know, i have a lot of sick time. i generally rarely take it. it kind of makes me wish my work would just give us generic “time off” that we could use for sick, personal, or vacation time. i think i’d come out a lot better. it’s not like i take vacation time much either. not that i’d admit it on here anyway, but i didn’t go anywhere on my sick day — i was at home. the only time i left was to eat supper (because i don’t really have any food to speak of in my house). monday night i watched the libertine. it’s a movie with johnny depp and john malkovich about john wilmot, the earl of rochester (played by depp), who lived in 17th century england during the reign of charles ii (played by malkovich). it’s a pretty impressive piece of work — both with dialog and visually. it’s a very rich, decadent film. it’s based on the real life of the earl. the film deals with a lot of overindulgence and debauchery, but there is a kind of sadness in the revelry and what drives it.
tuesday night i watched my copy of valley girl. it’s kind of campy, but an 80’s version of romeo and juliet (“randy” and “julie” — nicolas cage and deborah foreman) set in hollywood and the valley can’t be all bad, right? there is some really goofy stuff, but there are also some pretty cool bits as well.
wednesday at the radio show, we spent some discussing whether it is acceptable to be putting stickers of any kind on laptops. (see the picture of my previous entry to know where i stand on the issue. 🙂 dwight isn’t a fan of stickers on laptops (as his comment on my previous entry states), so we talked about it and had some conversations about it during the show. after the show, i went to the richmond arms with amateria (jamie) and aphelia. jamie had dropped by the studio during the show, and aphelia was in town from england for work, so jamie hatched a plan to meet up somewhere. we picked a place near the galleria since that’s the area where aphelia was staying. i don’t think stickers on laptops came up.
tomorrow is a holiday. i plan to enjoy it.
julie: wait a minute. where are we going to go?
randy: i don’t care.
julie: what are we going to do?
randy: anything.
(from valley girl)

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