“is there any risk of brain damage?”

well, as i mentioned before i didn’t go home to brady this last weekend, so i was in town. i don’t really recall much of what i did over most of the weekend. saturday afternoon, a former coworker (josh) came over with his dad to look at the vw camper bus. his dad was thinking about buying it. he seemed to like it, but josh later called to say his dad had decided to pass on it (most likely because he decided he already had too many “projects” at home). oh well. it would have been nice to get rid of the bus so easily. while driving somewhere saturday evening i remember being worried i was going to run out of gas, so i pulled into a gas station, swiped my credit card, put the gas pump in my pickup…then they shut off the lights. and evidently the pumps. i got 7 cents of gas. i was kind of pissed. sunday afternoon i went looking for some two-tone dickies work shirts (which i didn’t find), then i ate at star pizza.
i had already asked for monday off, and i was maxed out on my vacation time, so i decided to go ahead and take at least part of monday off. i ended up taking the whole day off. because lucky for me, having monday off provided an opportunity to make plans to hang out with the hot russian chick from work before she had surgery on tuesday morning. (okay, that cutesy pseudonym is getting tedious…should i call her “thrcfw”, “thrc”, “trc”, or “julia”? decisions, decisions. anyway…) she came over and we hung out for a while. i’m happy i was able to spend some time with her before she had surgery, as she will be out of commission (and away from work) for probably at least a month or two. she also gave me her parking card so i can use it to park in the lot at work while she’s out. later i walked to subway and got a sandwich, then came back and watched some more episodes of dead like me. and that was my monday.
so my 3.5 day weekend didn’t really happen like i’d originally planned, but it ended up being a mostly relaxing and pleasurable time.
julia’s surgery was on tuesday during the day, so tuesday evening after work i dropped by the hospital to check on her. she was in pain and pissed off, but she was walking around some. i was planning to go check up on her again wednesday evening, but she and the hospital staff evidently both decided she didn’t need to be there anymore so she went home.
a while back i hooked up my old windows 98 desktop machine, but i never had turned it on. a few days ago i turned it on. i think the last time it was powered up was in 2004 or something. i basically stopped using it in 2002. it booted up — all hardware was fine and the o.s. booted. 98 was a good o.s. i shared the c drive over the network, mounted it from my mac desktop, and spent some time wednesday and thursday going through and finding everything i wanted to copy off. i found a bunch of stuff i’d sort of forgotten existed, or i’d written off to being lost in time. including some pics of tamara i’d forgotten i’d ever taken. *sigh* oh well. once i copied everything i wanted i went over to the box to look around on it, but the screen saver was on and for the life of me i can’t remember what the password was/is. ha. i’m still not sure what i’ll do with the hardware once i’m through with it. it’s all pretty old at this point.
joel: is there any risk of brain damage?
howard: well, technically speaking, the operation is brain damage, but it’s on a par with a night of heavy drinking. nothing you’ll miss.
(from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)

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