stuff. lots and lots of stuff.

okay, finally the entry about the stuff i’ve accumulated…
back before xmas, i used a couple of coupons at border’s to pick up a book and a cd box set:

  • * Texas: then and now – richard reynolds (westcliffe publishers)
  • * various – people take warning! murder ballads and disaster songs, 1913-1938 (tompkins square)

the book is a book of photos, one old and one current of the same thing or same area. i decided to use the coupon to buy something that seemed cool but that i normally wouldn’t buy…so i went for a large coffee table sized picture book. the music is a 3-cd set of old folk and roots music dealing with natural disasters, disasters, murders, etc. it’s pretty cool packaging and write ups, i think. plus there is a picture in it of the iceberg that sank the titanic. i never thought about there being a picture of that. it’s kind of weird seeing a picture of it…there it is…what sank the titanic…a picture of it. (it was taken from one of the rescue ships.)
next up is an order i placed with bloodshot records. they were having a year end sale, so i picked up some various things…

  • * bobby bare jr.’s young criminals’ starvation league – ok – i’m sorry… (bloodshot)
  • * bobby bare jr.’s young criminals’ starvation league – from the end of your leash (bloodshot)
  • * bobby bare jr.’s young criminals’ starvation league – the longest meow
    the bottle rockets – zoysia (bloodshot)
  • * robbie fulks couples in trouble (bloodshot)
  • * old 97’s – wreck your life (bloodshot)
  • * various – for a decade of sin: 11 years of bloodshot records (bloodshot)
  • * various – bloodshot records sampler #7 (bloodshot)

the last two i got for free, as well as the bare jr. i’m sorry… ep.
next we have what i got for xmas. emily made me a cool ceramic square plate with skulls on it. (perhaps i’ll take a pic and post it once i find my photo editing software key.) my brother and heather got me a gift certificate to border’s (which i haven’t used yet). my mom and dad got me a gift certificate to old navy (also haven’t used yet), a flannel dickies jacket with a hoodie, and a couple of books and a dvd:

  • * chevrolet chronicle – the auto editors of consumer guide (publications international, ltd.)
  • * the german settlement of the Texas hill country – jefferson morgenthaler (mockingbird books)
  • * blade runner: four-disc collector’s edition – ridley scott (warner brothers)

in austin this last weekend i picked up a few things at half price books:

  • * various – ohm+: the early gurus of electronic music (ellipsis arts…)
  • * beck – mellow gold (bong load/geffen)
  • * bare jr. – boo-tay (immortal/epic)
  • * beastie boys – to the 5 boroughs (capitol)
  • * rancid – …and out come the wolves (epitaph)
  • * various – stompin’ singers and western swingers: more from the golden years of western swing (proper)

oh yeah. in mostly unrelated news, i paid off the element today (friday), so i am officially completely debt-free at this point in my life. other than monthly living expense obligations, i have no outstanding debt. that’s pretty cool. now if only the relationships area of my life were going generally as well as the rest of it, things would be pretty awesome.

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