scott hatch visits houston

well, after doing some work at jack’s (from my last entry, nov 1st), the next morning he phones and texts me around 8:45am sounding a bit frantic. somehow, the raid-5 system i’d set up on a linux box for him had simultaneously failed two disks — thus putting it in a non-recoverable broken state. a 1.5 terabyte raid volume isn’t something you want disappearing on you. i talked to him for awhile and said i’d look at it later or over the weekend, hung up, and went back to my training for work.
friday evening (nov 2nd) scott hatch (burnt toast vinyl – myspace / website) drove down from austin (he was in the middle of two weeks of training in austin) to hang out with the potts clan, and me. i was at the geek gathering that evening (which went okay), so jack and scott and emily met up with me at tropioca. jamie showed up and was going to see clouseaux at the continental club. we’d thought about going to the continental club, but ended up heading to the west alabama ice house instead.
at the ice house, i managed to run into some of the guys in todo moto. i’d first seen some of them at leon’s lounge back in early october. they ride around on mostly cafe racers, rat bikes, old stuff, frankenbikes, etc. and they looked like guys that would pull a knife on you if you made fun of their scooters. i knew i needed to meet them. : ) i spent a good while talking with one of the guys and he seemed pretty cool. he said they hang out at west alabama, so i’m guessing i’ll probably run into them some more.
from west alabama we headed over to the house of pies (where jamie joined back up with us). scott got an appetite for the house of pies from the last few times he’d been down this way a few years ago, so he was adamant that he be able to eat there. of course, they were out of bayou goo. gah. the night ended after the house of pies (at least for me).
saturday i got up and joined scott, jack, sue, and simcha for the saint arnold brewery tour. i managed to remember to take all of the extra wooden tokens i had laying around, but i once again forgot to take about 20 empty 6-pack containers. oh well, they were still out of beer glasses with their logo in black so i guess it didn’t really matter. i still managed to leave with more tokens (6) than they give out (4), but i did use all of the older ones i’d been holding onto.
i headed home and did some stuff around the house (like take a nap) while the others went by the house of pies, the menil cy twombly gallery, and the midtown spec’s. scott picked up a number of different kinds of beers that he thought i might like. mostly stuff that doesn’t taste much like “normal” beer. i tried three, one i liked, one was okay, and the other not so much. we had met back up at the bopho loft, so emily ordered some pizza from frank’s. i really like frank’s pzza. since i don’t hardly ever go downtown anymore, i rarely have it these days. eventually at some point i left and went back home.
sunday i met up with the potts clan, emily, and scott at le peep in rice village for brunch. i love their granola pancakes. after brunch i headed back home, where i did i don’t recall what for a couple of hours. that accomplished, i went over to the bopho loft to say goodbye to scott and to start trying to work on ye olde raid-5. (the story of which i’ll save for another post.)

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