“your clothes – give them to me. now.” –terminator

monday after work i headed over to border’s to pick up some things that were on sale. here’s what i ended up getting:

  • * airplane! (“don’t call me shirley!” edition) – zucker/abrahams/zucker (paramount)
  • * anchorman (unrated edition) – will ferrell (dreamworks)
  • * (national lampoon’s) animal house (double secret probation edition) – landis, belushi (universal)
  • * fargo (special edition) – coen brothers (mgm)

all movies i’ve been meaning to buy, but just never got around to doing it. pretty cheap prices on all of them made me decide to go ahead.

  • * comfort eagle – cake (columbia)
  • * pressure chief – cake (columbia)

i think that finishes off the cake cds i wasn’t in possession of.
after my purchase i headed over to crescent city beignets and read for awhile.
wednesday was the first of three fundraiser shows for the radio show. jay was out, and he and peter usually do the major pledge pitching, so it was up to barrett, dwight, and i to pick up some slack. i’m happy to say i think we did a good job, and we managed to go over our goal for the evening. yea! now next week we can go back to letting jay and peter do most of the pitching. : )
saturday night was chris and mary’s “time traveler” themed halloween party. originally it was dr. who based only, but that quickly expanded. i had mulled several possibilities: 12 monkeys, planet of the apes, 2001: a space odyssey, etc. i went to a few places and wasn’t satisfied with any of the outfits. mostly i didn’t want to wear a thin nylon drape of fabric as a costume. so at a target — which only had a few things left — i ran across a “politician” mask, which was supposed to be arnold schwarzenegger. and just like that, there it was…terminator. you see, it really doesn’t take much work for me to go as the terminator…i already have the outfit. leather jacket? check. black t-shirt? check. big black boots? check. dark shades? check. motorcycle? check. guns? check. i don’t have a pistol-grip shotgun, but we joked that i would have gotten stopped by the police driving down the street on my motorcycle with a shotgun — and when they came up and asked what the heck i was doing i would turn and look at them and after a few seconds go: “fsck you, 4sshole.” (that’ll make sense if you’ve seen the movie.) then we joked i’d be calling from jail for bail money, after getting tazed and/or shot. i wore the mask most of the time for the first half of the party and didn’t talk much at all…but that full head mask was freakin’ hot.
unfortunately, i didn’t find sarah connor. hhmmm…come to think of it, perhaps i should have gone as kyle reese instead…

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