“where’s kumar?” –dignan

last wednesday i rode around with brad and kelli. it was the first time i’d seen them in some time (other than the wedding, when i didn’t see them much). we started off at poison girl, then we dropped kelli off and brad and i headed to the pearl bar. i’d been wanting to check it out because i’d heard they play old country on wednesday nights, but i wasn’t too excited about going by myself. we got there and they had a sign saying they were closed for renovation or whatever. brad suggested we go down washington to a place called the darkhorse tavern. we hung out there for a couple of hours. it was a pretty cool place.
last thursday evening i watched miller’s crossing. i’d been planning to watch the movie for some time, as it is a coen brothers film, but had never gotten around to it. it was pretty good, but i’m not a huge fan of the film noir detective/gangster prohibition-era movies so i don’t think i was as excited by it as i would have been if i were into those movies.
last friday after work i hung out with chris and mary and a few of their friends at berry hill. afterward, i went back to their place and watched some halo 3. i don’t really watch or play any modern games at all, so it was interesting to see the “new” thing in high-quality visuals gaming. i still don’t see it entrancing me, but watching it for awhile was cool.
this past saturday i helped a co-worker move some stuff (with my pickup). he took us to eat at outback afterward. then i went and joined sue and the kids at a chick-fil-a on westheimer. originally i was supposed to go and pick up knocked up for us to watch, but i went to four different mcdonald’s plus an heb (3 of which i stopped and waited in line at) and couldn’t find a copy. eventually i gave up the search and out of desperation (and not wanting to annoy the 10 people now in line behind me by taking forever to pick something) chose beerfest. i mean, i remember the preview looking like it might possibly be funny. i went back to the potts’ place and we watched beerfest. it was pretty lame. i mean, even with low expectations it was pretty lame. in fact, there were funny parts in the preview that they evidently couldn’t manage to keep in the movie. that’s pretty bad.
sunday i ate at goode company bbq. from there i went to home depot, target, and bed bath and beyond looking for a floor fan. but, oddly, i had no luck. a lady at home depot said they were “a seasonal store”. uh…we’re in houston. what seasons? and it’s september. hello? while i was at target i looked at their portable ipod speaker systems. i saw some stuff that looked pretty good but i didn’t make any decisions due to prices…i need to do some more research before i drop what they want for them. i thought about buying an led flashlight too while i was out, but i made no decision on that either. what i did end up buying was a new set of bed sheets. which i don’t think i can open until my cat dies, since she is using the side of the bed as a scratching post sometimes. *sigh*

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  1. uh…it sounds like you went to McDonald’s looking to rent movies. Am I seeing that correctly? Does that mean that there’s a new video store called McDonald’s or is the food chain now also renting movies? When is the hybridization going to stop? I guess the next stop on this line is the mister-mcdonald’s-7-11-super-baby-toys-r-us-home-depot-mega-donut-store (that also serves vanilla iced latte’s). Sounds like the 10 headed beast in Revelation.

  2. yes, that’s correct. i thought about explaining it, but decided against it. i forgot about you expats who don’t know what’s going on in good old u.s. of a.
    for probably at least a year or more some mcdonald’s have had automated dvd rental machines in or outside the store. they’re called “redbox” and they work like other automated dvd rental machines that have popped up over the last few years — use a credit card, pick one or more dvds, pay $1 per day per dvd until returned. it’s a pretty good deal if you rent, watch, and return overnight. (and with redbox you can return it to any redbox, not just the one you got it from). i prefer not having to stand in line and wonder if something is available, but they’re good for a quick fix if it’s a recent movie and the box has it. or i guess if you eat at mcdonald’s a lot then it’s pretty convenient.
    oh btw, i think some mcdonald’s do serve coffeehouse drinks now. not sure about the donuts…but they’ve served breakfast for years. and here i thought the second coming was in the distant future.

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