whatcha doin’, TeRRY? (part 2)

thursday around 10pm brad texted me to see if i wanted to go to the continental club with him. i wasn’t too excited about the band playing, but i told him i’d ride with him and i’d eat at tacos-a-go-go or something. we met in front of poison girl, but decided to just go straight over then instead of going into poison girl. we got over to main and tacos-a-go-go and sig’s were closed. stupid weekday hours. so instead we went into the big top and listened to umbrella man some. they were intriguing. several people have told me i need to see them, but i don’t think i’d ever managed to do it. one of their normal guys was playing for billy joe shaver, but i liked what i heard. they were doing old western swing, old country, and tejano music. what a great mix! after an hour or two at the big top, we rode over to poison girl. we sat there for an hour or two and talked. later the tamale guy dropped by and we bought a dozen. man, those tamales are good. plus i hadn’t eaten since lunch and i had been drinking for two or three hours. (i know those are not good conditions for accurately judging tamales, but i’ve had them under more normal conditions as well and they were still good.) we left around 2am. i hit the bed around 3am.
the reason i was able to go out late on a thursday night without worrying about work the next morning is because i was coming in late since i was working friday night. except then my boss called me twice in the morning, around 9am and again around 9:30am. argh! so since i was awake anyway, i went ahead and went in. i had thought i would be done with work by 9pm or 10pm, but i ended up staying until about 11:30pm. i left and headed over to west alabama ice house for robb zipp’s 30th birthday festivities, but by the time i got there he was gone. so i bought a beer and sat down and tried to figure out what if anything i was going to do with the rest of the night. after about 20 minutes of sitting there never saying a word to anyone, a couple of guys rode up on bikes and one of them had recently done some work on his bike and had some bolts come loose on him. we talked for awhile, and eventually i went to the house and got a couple of pair of pliers for him to try and tighten the bolts with. we talked some more and traded cards. (turns out one of them knew barrett pretty well.) so even though it started off sucking, it ended on a good note.
saturday i got up and got a text message from brad asking if i was interested in having brunch with him. we met at an ihop near washington and i-10, then afterward we went riding up and down memorial and allen parkway. man, the weather has been awesome for riding most of the last couple of weeks.
i had been thinking about going to oni-con, but i never got in touch with barrett, and groovehouse said he was doing stuff in prep for the texans game the next day, so i ended up deciding to not go. sue called to see if i wanted to eat supper and watch the sugarland town square movie, but when i checked their website the movie wasn’t that night. soon after getting off the phone with her, amateria texted me about “astronomy day”. after her telling me about it, i thought sue might think her kids would enjoy going to that, so i called her and mentioned it. she was down with it, so i went over to their house and we went to the george observatory, located in brazos bend state park. it was pretty cool, but there were a lot of people there so i didn’t really do much looking through the telescopes or anything. it’d be cool to go back there sometime when there aren’t huge crowds. afterward, we went back to their house and watched snl.
when i went to leave, my headlight on my motorcycle didn’t come on. this is the second time that’s happened. although the other time was a week or two ago, and it was off for a couple of seconds and then came on by itself. this time it stayed off while i knocked on the headlight housing and moved the handlebars and such. eventually it came on when i honked the horn. i don’t know why it’s doing that, but i’m way overdue to take the bike in for maintenance work and such anyway, so maybe they can figure it out then.
today i got up and mostly sat around the house. i ended up watching the second half of the texans game. they were doing very poorly but i watched anyway. then in the fourth quarter suddenly the titans weren’t doing anything and the texans offense went crazy. they caught up in the last couple of minutes, kicked on onside kick, got it, and drove down and scored to take the lead with less than a minute left! they kicked off to the titans, then the titans drove down and kicked a field goal in the last seconds to win. *sigh* i hate the titans. stupid bud adams.
because i chose to watch the game, i didn’t make it to kymberlie’s pre-activity dinner at lupe tortilla. instead i ended up meeting them at verizon wireless theater. tonight was the final bout of the 2007 houston roller derby season. i did manage to see robb zipp during halftime and wish him a happy birthday. as usual, there were lots of cool looking alt girls. one girl in particular stood out — beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful body, beautiful thin gold wedding band. oh well, you lose some, you lose some more. that just means there’s still more money for me to use on weapons and vehicles, i guess.

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