whatcha doin’, TeRRY? (part 1)

the friday before last after work i was supposed to drop by a happy hour being put together by luis, but it was a maintenance friday and i was supposed to work so i decided to skip the happy hour and just head over to the data center. plus it was at taco milagro, and it’s a bit too busy and trendy for me, so that didn’t help. but i had originally planned to go. oh well.
last saturday i slept in. i went over to jenni’s noodle house and had a late lunch. that evening i went over to the bopho studio and ate supper with the potts. i don’t really remember anything else, so hopefully it wasn’t anything too exciting. i’d hate to forget something exciting i did.
last sunday i slept in, then went with the potts clan to target where they were picking up some food items. but i finally got hold of a floor fan! yea! although it’s plastic and i was hoping for metal…but i was desperate at this point. hopefully it will function well. from there we headed over to the bopho studio for lunch. i hung out there until they were going to leave for first baptist.
once i got home, i headed over to border’s to use a coupon i had. while there, i also noticed they had a dvd version of a movie i only have on vhs, so i went ahead and picked it up too.

  • * brazil (3-disc set) – terry gilliam (criterion)
  • * night of the living dead – george romero (20th century fox)

i already had the single disc criterion version of brazil, but i really like the movie and wanted to own the material on the other two discs of the three disc set. when i saw the night… dvd, it was marked down to $9.99. i picked it up, but then noticed it was a colorized version. bleck. but before i set it back down, i looked on the back and saw it also said it had a remastered black and white version. so i decided to get it. i’m not a huge horror fan, but night… is one of the early films for the style in that genre, and it’s kind of campy too, so i like it. the best part was when i got up to the register it mis-rang, and after rescanning it and the same price popped up she gave it to me for the price it rang up at. (i think it was at 99% off.)
also, while looking at the border’s email with the coupon i was using, i’d noticed they had a couple of books i was interested in on a “buy one, get a second at half price” list. it took me a while to find both of them, so i ended up finding another book i was interested in as well…

  • * the language of G-d – francis s. collins (free press)
  • * velvet elvis: repainting the christian faith – rob bell (zondervan)
  • * light from the christian east: an introduction to the orthodox tradition – james r. payton, jr. (ivp academic)

an hour or two later, the potts called to let me know they were going for supper, so i joined them at cain’s. from there i met up with luis and a friend of his at buffalo wild wings on gray in midtown.
monday evening i went to bohemian photography for jackson and dietrich’s birthday party. i tend to get blamed for riling kids up, just because i’ll joke around and play with them and chase them and they’ll start screaming. is that really my fault? : ) parties are also a chance for me to have to try and avoid people taking crowd pictures. i had to work late so i didn’t get to get them birthday gifts. (but i took care of that after work thursday.)
after the party was over i decided to work on jack’s non-working vonage device. i was in the back room on the phone with their support but i lost the call. i went out and jack had disappeared downstairs and sue was the only one upstairs. i went back into the back room and messed with it some more. when i came out the next time, sue was gone, all the lights were off, and emily was asleep on the couch. i looked around for awhile, then decided…i’d just leave…i guess. evidently jack crashed downstairs, the kids crashed downstairs, emily crashed upstairs, and i was left behind.
tuesday after work i went back to border’s to use a coupon. i had a “get a single cd for $11.99 (limit 3)”. i decided i’d try to pick up 3 cds i’d like to have, but never feel strongly enough about to buy when i’m at the store. i knocked through several selections they didn’t have or were only $12 or $13 anyway, and eventually (after looking around for a pretty long time) ended up with these:

  • * white blood cells – the white stripes (third man records / sheridan square records)
  • * dark side of the moon – pink floyd (capitol)
  • * the singles – the clash (epic / legacy / sony bmg)
  • * b-sides and rarities – cake (upbeat records)

you might notice that’s four. the cake cd was $10 and i hadn’t seen it before. cake has decided to start their own label and release independently. this cd is scratch and sniff. i didn’t know it at the time, but there are four different covers. i ended up getting the purple (grape) one. there’s also a hidden gasoline scent under the clear cd tray. i’ll probably be buying more of the white stripes. i’m not a big fan of pink floyd, but dark side of the moon is a great album. (and the wall is pretty good too.)
at some point i joined linkedin. it’s a networking site, but is geared at business people and professionals. i’d thought about joining for awhile, but never had gotten around to it. someone invited me, so i decided i might as well.

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