“you’re really complicated, aren’t you?” –stacy

this past sunday night i was settling down for the night, reading my Texas monthly in bed, when i heard screaming. it was pretty loud, and sounded like a guy and girl. i figured it was a domestic dispute, although loud and/or nearby. i could make out words, but not exactly what was at issue. it kept going for a couple of minutes until a male voice started screaming “help me!” “no! don’t!” over and over. i was worried about getting in the middle of some kind of violent dispute, but i finally decided i should try and see what was going on. i jumped up and got dressed, then loaded my kimber .45, put on the safety, and put it in the back of my pants. i walked outside and i could see flashing lights up the street. there were three or more cop cars at the corner, a few houses away. i stood outside for awhile but i never did figure out what was going on.
monday i decided to open up the 20 gig ipod that had been sitting in its box for about a year. i quickly learned my music collection won’t come anywhere near fitting on a 20 gig ipod. i guess this’ll do for now while i’m still slowly importing my music.
tuesday i went to crescent city beignets and read and had some beignets and cafe au lait. while at the register, i noticed passes for a free screening so i picked one up in case it was interesting.
wednesday after the radio show i went riding with brad and jason. i met them at chuy’s (negra modelo), then we went to the flying saucer (young’s double chocolate stout), then to la carafe (st. arnold’s oktoberfest). it was the first time we’d been out riding together in awhile. it was nice to do it again.
thursday after work i met sue at the angelika and watched the free preview for the pass i’d picked up tuesday at crescent city beignets. (i was originally supposed to watch a movie at home with natalie, but things didn’t pan out.) it was for lars and the real girl. it was really good. the story is about a socially awkward fellow who is nice and polite and a good person, but has had a lot of emotional baggage over the years and develops a delusion that an anatomically correct life-like sex doll he buys on the internet is alive. (remember mannequin? yeah, it’s nothing like that. as in, it never comes to life.) the movie is funny, touching, and deals with some complex issues in ways you don’t realize until later upon thinking about the movie. the acting is really good (appropriate to the movie), and you eventually come to terms with what’s going on and accept it. i kept thinking how dumb the movie would seem if someone just walked into the theater, even though the audience is laughing and crying about what’s happening. i think i could see comparing it to little miss sunshine in some ways, although it leans a little more serious with a lot of comedy, while …sunshine leans the other way. both are hilarious, but have great comments to make, and are touching while dealing with people with quirks and problems. oh yeah…the main character works in an i.t. cube farm kind of job, which they portrayed pretty accurately. i.t. people are weird.
after that i dropped sue off at the house of pies because she was meeting brad there, and i went to barnes and noble. i couldn’t resist picking up a few things while i was there:

  • catcher in the rye – j. d. salinger (little, brown and co)
  • crime and punishment – dostoevsky (everyman’s library)
  • a short history of christianity – stephen tomkins (eerdmans)

(the first two are hardback versions.)
friday after work was the geek gathering at tropioca. we didn’t really announce it that well, plus jay is out of town, so the turnout was somewhat low. but it was still a good evening. from there i headed over to leon’s lounge for the vinyl ranch night. barrett had also planned to go over there, so i met him and a couple friends. later, when we were leaving, i noticed a motorcycle in front. then i realized it was brad’s. i went back inside and found him and kelli, so i hung out for a couple more hours. there was some cool music being played, but the occasional dj tricks on the vinyl was a bit odd to me, and most of the people seemed to be ironic about their appreciation of country. it was somewhat awkward, since i tend to hang out at places where there isn’t anything ironic about the clothes they wear or the music they’re listening to.

“where’s kumar?” –dignan

last wednesday i rode around with brad and kelli. it was the first time i’d seen them in some time (other than the wedding, when i didn’t see them much). we started off at poison girl, then we dropped kelli off and brad and i headed to the pearl bar. i’d been wanting to check it out because i’d heard they play old country on wednesday nights, but i wasn’t too excited about going by myself. we got there and they had a sign saying they were closed for renovation or whatever. brad suggested we go down washington to a place called the darkhorse tavern. we hung out there for a couple of hours. it was a pretty cool place.
last thursday evening i watched miller’s crossing. i’d been planning to watch the movie for some time, as it is a coen brothers film, but had never gotten around to it. it was pretty good, but i’m not a huge fan of the film noir detective/gangster prohibition-era movies so i don’t think i was as excited by it as i would have been if i were into those movies.
last friday after work i hung out with chris and mary and a few of their friends at berry hill. afterward, i went back to their place and watched some halo 3. i don’t really watch or play any modern games at all, so it was interesting to see the “new” thing in high-quality visuals gaming. i still don’t see it entrancing me, but watching it for awhile was cool.
this past saturday i helped a co-worker move some stuff (with my pickup). he took us to eat at outback afterward. then i went and joined sue and the kids at a chick-fil-a on westheimer. originally i was supposed to go and pick up knocked up for us to watch, but i went to four different mcdonald’s plus an heb (3 of which i stopped and waited in line at) and couldn’t find a copy. eventually i gave up the search and out of desperation (and not wanting to annoy the 10 people now in line behind me by taking forever to pick something) chose beerfest. i mean, i remember the preview looking like it might possibly be funny. i went back to the potts’ place and we watched beerfest. it was pretty lame. i mean, even with low expectations it was pretty lame. in fact, there were funny parts in the preview that they evidently couldn’t manage to keep in the movie. that’s pretty bad.
sunday i ate at goode company bbq. from there i went to home depot, target, and bed bath and beyond looking for a floor fan. but, oddly, i had no luck. a lady at home depot said they were “a seasonal store”. uh…we’re in houston. what seasons? and it’s september. hello? while i was at target i looked at their portable ipod speaker systems. i saw some stuff that looked pretty good but i didn’t make any decisions due to prices…i need to do some more research before i drop what they want for them. i thought about buying an led flashlight too while i was out, but i made no decision on that either. what i did end up buying was a new set of bed sheets. which i don’t think i can open until my cat dies, since she is using the side of the bed as a scratching post sometimes. *sigh*

citrix ica client 10.6 on linux fedora 7

so you want the latest citrix client on your new fedora 7 box, eh? but the 10.6 citrix ica client wants openmotif 2.2.x. and as of fedora 6, fedora axed openmotif due to licensing requirements, so it’s not available. what to do? no need to commit citrixide, i can show you a way! (well, on an x86 32-bit fedora 7 install at least. but i’m sure you’re clever and can figure it out for your nifty x86_64 install.)
[1] grab the openmotif rpm for an older fedora version (4, for example)
wget http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/

[2] openmotif has a dependency so it won’t install via “yum localinstall blah.rpm” — so use the rpm command itself with “nodeps”
rpm --nodeps -ivh openmotif-2.2.3-10.FC4.2.i386.rpm
[3] you also need libXp.so.6, and it’s availble for fedora 7, so use yum to install it (if you don’t have it already)
yum install libXp
if for some reason you need the actual rpm file, you can get it at: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/
[4] now you can install the citrix icaclient 10.6 (get the rpm file from the citrix site, silly)
rpm -ivh ICAClient-10.6-1.i386.rpm
the ica client is installed in /usr/lib/ICAClient
(that means wfcmgr, wfica, and so on are in that dir)
it’ll show up in your menu in Applications -> Internet -> Citrix Presentation Server Client
run it, accept the license agreement. now you’ve got your citrix client.
but wait! there’s more! another thing you might want to do:
[5] open your browser and go to your citrix server website. log in.
[6] when it asks what to open launch.ica with, choose /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica
OR, more cleany,
[5] as root, ln -s /usr/lib/ICAClient/npica.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
(or put it in your own personal mozilla plugins area if you don’t want to do it as root. that would be ~/.mozilla/plugins if you didn’t know. create it if it doesn’t exist.)
[5a] if you kept selinux active, it will end up complaining later on. if so, do this:
chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /usr/lib/ICAClient/npica.so
[6] restart firefox.
in the address bar, type “about:plugins” and look for the citrix client in the list.
go forth and citrix.
some info taken from:
along with other sites, plus my own tinkering.
i claim no responsibility for accidential citrixide that may occur by following these steps, or if your fedora install gets borked, or if your cat gets feline diabetes from this, or whatever else may result. you’re a big boy or girl and you chose to run linux. use google yourself, you lazy good-for-nothing freeloader!