“no, i never gave inez anything” –dignan

the last couple of weeks i’ve been looking around on ebay motors for a car. last week i spotted one that really caught my eye. it was a black with red interior 1955 chevy bel air 2 door hard top. the “buy it now” price seemed reasonable, but i don’t do much purchasing and selling of old vehicles so i wasn’t sure. i decided to watch it and see what it did, and make a bid near the end if i could. i called the credit union and got my funding confirmed, called and talked to a guy who buys/sells classics, dropped by the classics place this past weekend, started thinking about how i’d get it and drive it back, etc. the auction end point was this coming sunday around 5pm.
about an hour ago someone did the “buy it now” on it. oh well.
in other failings, i was hoping someone was going to let a domain expire and i could pick it up and bring it back to its glory days, but they re-registered it a day or two before it expired. *sigh*
we’re going through some transitions at work. yet another re-organization. i’m cautiously optimistic about what it means for me as far as my responsibilities and assignments. but there are a lot more changes coming, i’m sure. my benefit from that so far is that i’m getting a couple of weeks of training on the ibm aix os. it’s one of the bigger unix os platforms that i’ve pretty much never touched (even as an end user), except for a bit of “testing” a few months ago.
tuesday night i went over to jack’s work office and helped him do some stuff with email, voip, and networking. i also discussed the ability to do hard drive copies. after that i talked with him about life and goings on for a couple of hours. i got home and went to bed way too late. especially considering i’d gotten too little sleep the last two nights and was hoping to make some up.
before going to jack’s i’d spent an hour or so at crescent city beignets. i finished up the book i’d been reading while there: letters from a skeptic: a son wrestles with his father’s questions about christianity by dr. gregory a. boyd and edward k. boyd. it’s a series of letters between a father and son, the father being an atheist that grew up in the catholic church and the son becoming a believer in college and now a professor of theology. the letters cover about three years, with the father asking all kinds of questions about christianity and the son replying. in the end, the father ended up becoming a believer.
i found the book to be a very good casual question and response about any number of questions about christianity, faith, world views, etc. i also really liked the way dr. boyd responded to some of the questions. i wouldn’t say i’m on board with all of his positions necessarily, but overall i found his comments to be fair, well constructed, and respectful. i especially liked his comments about G-d’s omniscience, since his view is pretty similar to mine and he seemed to express it much better than i’ve ever felt able to. it’s good to know there are intelligent, well-spoken believers who have some version of similar belief on that topic.
i haven’t had any close relatives who weren’t believers so i can’t really empathize with the situation, but i kept thinking about tamara and her dad. she became a christian in high school and her father grew up in the catholic church but has been a pretty staunch atheist as long as tamara has been aware of things. she used to really want to be able to have good conversations about her faith with him, and be able to discuss it in ways that would help it make sense to him. after all she’s chosen, gone through, and done, i’m not sure where she stands on any of that anymore — but since i stopped knowing her about the time she threw our life and love away, i can still relate it to how she felt back then. i know how much at the time it would have meant to tamara for something like this to happen between her and her father, so that managed to give the book some emotional punch it wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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