i’m even a failure in my dreams. in my dreams!

this morning i had a really cool thing appear in a dream. i was at a bar or something, sitting at a table on those high barstools, talking to some guy about troubleshooting dsl/cable modems i think. a girl came up and sat on the stool right next to me and was happy and joking and loud and flirting with me. the guy i was talking to either knew her and didn’t like her, or was annoyed by her, but i was attracted to her and enjoying her being beside me. she was a white girl, probably mid- to late-20’s, blonde wavy hair cut in kind of a long bob, wearing i think a red shoulderless dress with a v neckline…sort of marilyn monroe-ish overall (but not any person i recognized). but the coolest thing was her lipstick. i’m not sure i’ve ever seen this, but she had bright red lipstick with a thick gunky white liner on the outside rim and the white had big pieces of glitter on it. it rocked! i wanted to kiss her, but just as the scenario would play out in real life, i got frustrated that i wasn’t going to do anything so i got up and left.
when i woke up, all i could think of is how i bet it tasted like peppermint. man, that would have been awesome. why couldn’t the dream-me be more assertive and forward than the real me, dang it! now i’ll never know. unless i force myself to dream about her again, and make a move this time. but that would just be weird and creepy and very loserish.
so if i do it, i’m not blogging about it. : )

2 comments on “i’m even a failure in my dreams. in my dreams!”

  1. I find that I too do the same stupid shit in dreams I do in real life and wake up regretting it and trying to go back to sleep so I can get it right. It rarely works.

  2. I don’t think that would be weird and creepy. And I would definitely want to go back to sleep myself.

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