labor day weekend, post-wedding

i followed joe and kelly back to the beach houses…dang, i didn’t know galveston island was so long! i’d never gone much past the main part of the seawall blvd. these beach houses were past jamaica beach. we got there and jack was outside. (i’m guessing he’d just beaten us there. sue had gone back a couple of hours earlier with the tired children in tow.) at this point, i was somewhat tired, but when i was getting out of the truck something fell to the ground. i looked down and it was part of my skull wallet chain. evidently my fears were true, and it’s somewhat delicate. i’m assuming my sliding on it across my bench seat was enough to break a couple of the weld points on the skulls. oh well, i picked up the pieces and i’ll just have to shorten it a bit. i went in and sue and the kids were already asleep. joe and kelly were going to come over, but kelly went into the house they were staying in and fell asleep, so just joe came over. we hung out and talked until maybe 2:30am or something, then he headed off. i turned everything off and hit the couch. it’s kind of funny, i actually had a dream joe was in, but i don’t really remember anything about it.
in the morning i woke up and jack was already gone, but lots of other people were around. i think it was around 9am. kelli’s mom was staying in the house i was in, and she remembered who i was after i reminded her where we’d met. joe and kelly came back over and we talked some more, then they headed off. (i forgot to menton, at the reception i actually let joe take a picture or two of me without me covering my face in some way. that’s a pretty rare event.) sue and the kids were up and were heading to the beach, so i agreed to go with them.
as i said to sue while i was down there: “i just don’t get it.” the beach holds absolutely no interest to me. it doesn’t seem pleasant, or relaxing, or fun — and only holds mild levels of curiousity or novelty for me. she explained how it was so wonderful to hear the waves, lay out in the sun and get a tan, see the vast amount of water, be in the sand. my response: “nope, i’m just not buying it.” i seriously just get no pleasure or enjoyment out of it. i don’t even like things with nautical themes.
we headed back up to the house, where i watched some pokemon marathon with the potts’ kids, then i started helping to clean up some. eventually everyone left except me and kelli’s mom. i mean it. no one else. i was sort of trapped because she’d parked behind me, but i also felt like someone should be helping her finish cleaning up. i’m sure as the mother of the bride she had already dealt with plenty of stress over everything. plus her husband was sick and had barely been able to make it to the wedding, so he wasn’t there to help. it’s kind of funny though, since i’d really only spent the one night there after the wedding. i hadn’t even brought a chance of clothes or anything. right as we were done and started to get in our vehicles, it began to rain like crazy.
i drove back into galveston and met sue and the kids at a quizno’s for a late lunch. afterward, traffic was slow on i45 so i thought i’d stop at the gap in baybrook mall, but it started raining so i changed my mind. i figured some coffee would do me good since i was operating on somewhat low amounts of sleep so i headed to coffee oasis. they closed early for labor day. *sigh* so i headed back to houston.
so thus ends the wedding trip. normally i head to brady for labor day weekend. it’s the weekend they have the world championship bbq goat cookoff, and the last few years i’ve made it a point to be there. this year was also a big reunion year for me, but evidently my class didn’t plan anything. but i needed to stay here. the goat cookoff happens every year. as with most weddings, it’s kind of a bittersweet experience for me. i’m happy for the people getting married and i wish the best for them, but it also reminds me of what i thought i had and what is gone. (gotta end it on an up note. 😉

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  1. Well… this post started off with a bang. I really liked the, “i looked down and it was part of my skull…” part. Kinda freaked me out until I got to the, “… wallet chain.” part. To be honest, I felt somewhat let down that the only problem was a broken chain. I guess in this case you’re like Job; as in, “what I have feared has come upon me.” (Ash paraphrase version). Not that I really wanted part of your skull to drop off, mind you. The beach thing really ties in well with the strong dislike for seafood. But then again, the Anderson-Wilson movies have a strong water component to them and you like them a lot. Maybe that’s a safe way (no… not the grocery store) to enjoy water?

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