“i’m just being hypocritical here.” –dignan

friday i got to go in late to work, but i met some co-workers at niko niko’s for lunch. on the way back, i learned a valuable lesson about the difference between my new vans and the types of shoes i’ve generally worn for the last 10+ years. the soles are much softer, and the shoe is more pliable in general. how did i learn this? on my motorcycle, pushing on the rear (foot) brake while in a turn. instead of pushing the foot pedal like normal, the soft shoe just sort of squished around it and bent. this led me to go faster than intended, which caused my momentum to push me further out, which led me to pop the underside of my bike on the curb. oops. well, at least i didn’t go flying, and the fairly small amount of damage is not visible unless you’re looking under the bike.
as we were leaving work, chris let me know that serenity was showing as the midnight movie at the river oaks. i’ve been planning on seeing it at some point, so figured “why not on the big screen?” i contacted a few people, and kymberlie and lemaster ended up joining me. i think most of the people had already seen it. it was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. i’m not a huge fan of sci-fi television (star trek, babylon 5, whatever else), but i’ll probably give the “firefly” series a try when/if someone gives me the dvds to borrow.
saturday for lunch i went and ate at the new jenni’s noodle house location. good stuff. i’ll probably be going there more often now that it’s nearer to me. i also managed to go by and pick up wedding present(s) for my brother and heather. in the evening i was planning on going to see the gore gore girls and reverend horton heat at the meridian, but those plans ended up falling apart so i ended up going down to sugarland with the potts clan to see the free outdoor showing of night at the museum. we got there late, it was distracting, and we walked around quite a bit, so i can’t really say i watched much of the movie. what i did see seemed adequately funny in a family comedy sort of way. afterward i went back to the potts’ house and watched saturday night live with them.
sunday i skipped church. i think this is the first time i’ve knowingly blown off church since i’ve been going regularly. it’s something that’s been sort of brewing for awhile, but after last sunday i just sort of admitted defeat. ah well. i’m still going to defer talking about it. one of these days i’ll get around to it.
i ate lunch with the potts family at the house of pies, then i dropped by border’s and picked up a copy of the talking heads’ once in a lifetime long-book format box set. with the exception of devo — which predated everything else by maybe two years — the talking heads was one of the first bands i can truly claim as my own choice in music. (the eurythmics, the art of noise, and madness being the other big ones i can think of.)
then i spent around 7.5 hours watching roller derby. the governor’s cup was held in houston this year. it is a tournament between various roller derby leagues from around the state. it was a good time, but it was a lot of roller derby in one sitting. a couple of the games were blow-outs, so they weren’t too exciting. still, being able to sit and watch a lot of mostly alt girls in roller derby outfits knock each other around is a good way to pass the time. those girls have to have some pretty good endurance to be going around the track that many times for that long, knocking each other around, and still have energy to spare.
i came home and decided to watch the deer hunter. which is a good movie, but not necessarily a good idea to start at 10:30pm or so when you’ve got work the next day. i think it clocked in at over 3 hours, and i was getting pretty tired. i don’t think it was amazing…but it was good. i would think a lot of people would find it to be an intolerably slow movie. it spent a whole lot of time just sort of following the characters around the town they were from. and they sang a lot of songs. but i personally didn’t end up feeling too emotionally attached to them. i couldn’t really place the movie in the context of when it came out, so i might be missing some aspects of what made it so well known because of that. i did think de niro’s character was interesting.
tonight i went to border’s because i have a 40% off any dvd box set coupon, but nothing really stuck out to me as something i had to have. i guess i’ll try again tomorrow, since that’s when the coupon ends.

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  1. In the spirit of the recent BR quoting, here’s an article from the onion (http://www.theonion.com/
    New Wes Anderson Film Features Deadpan Delivery, Meticulous Art Direction, Characters With Father Issues
    LOS ANGELES—Fans who attended a sneak preview Monday of critically acclaimed director Wes Anderson’s newest project, The Darjeeling Limited, were surprised to learn that the film features a deadpan comedic tone, highly stylized production design, and a plot centering around unresolved family issues.
    “What will he think of next?” audience member Michael Cauley said. “And who could have foreseen the elaborately crafted ’60s-era aesthetic, melancholy subtext, and quirky nomenclature—to say nothing of the unexpected curveball of casting Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, and Bill Murray?”
    In a recent review, New York Times film critic A.O. Scott also expressed surprise at the film’s cutting-edge soundtrack, which features a Rolling Stones song and three different tracks by the Kinks.

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