after my brother’s wedding – parental roadtrip: day 1

sunday morning (the 23rd…a week ago) my parents got up to eat breakfast with the newlyweds and the new in-laws at 9am. i slept until 10:30am or so, since check out for “the out back” was 11am. i still felt pretty crappy, so i took some more dayquil. around 11am my parents returned, then we went over to heather’s parents’ house and hung out for awhile. linc and heather opened all of their wedding presents. i had some orange juice. my parents discussed just parting ways since i was feeling sick, but i figured since we were already together and in the area, we might as well go ahead and do some stuff. i needed to return the monkey suit to a men’s wearhouse to avoid late fees, so we decided we’d head to college station.
they had originally wanted to do the blue bell tour, but i guess they don’t do it on sundays and we were leaving the area so that didn’t work out. another thing they’d mentioned that we could do was go by washington-on-the-brazos. if you don’t know your Texas history, look it up. we went to the information center and gift shop, then through the museum. i’d been there a couple of years ago with jennifer and her kids, but that was during a reenactment of the signing of the Texas declaration of independence so it was packed with people. (okay, i gave it away…but you should still look it up…history is interesting.) this time, there weren’t very many folk. the museum is pretty cool. it’s in the shape of a five-pointed star, and is two stories. you can learn a fair bit about the general history of Texas at it, as well as the way people lived, worked, etc. somewhere right around here, i rolled 63k on my ’65 pickup.
we took off and headed to college station. i dropped my tux off and we checked into a motel 6. my parents were asking about a place i’d like to eat, but most of the places i could think of i used to eat are either gone or were generic chains that aren’t interesting to eat at when you’re visiting somewhere. they ended up stopping at a chili’s. (ah, defeat.) we went back to the motel room so my dad could watch the cowboys play. that was the end of day one.

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